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  1. I think the GOLD looks very attractive. Overall I like the look. Good job.
  2. New coach = new uniforms? The Broncos changed their duds under Shanny; perhaps we will too. Tradition! you say. We have had these uniforms for too long and there were other uniforms before these. Furthermore, we have had almost 20 years of suboptimal performance with the current scheme. Lets bring back the burgundy and gold.:dallasuck:chair:
  3. Last night on sportcenter they mentioned that the Rams wore their old YELLOW pants and not their new GOLD ones. The Redskins' colors are burgundy and GOLD. There is no GOLD in the current Redskins uniform. Who here does not see an obvious oversight?:chair: In the words of our current GMs father......"the future is now". How about rectifying the uniform issue for the next season as well as the more important changes this team has to make?
  4. Again, there is NO gold in our current uniform. The part that you believe is gold is actually YELLOW.
  5. I am surprised that so many people don't want to change up the uniforms. The most glaring issue: BURGANDY and GOLD BURGANDY and GOLD BURGANDY and GOLD!!!! not, YELLOW and off red! Why can't people see this?:doh:
  6. OK, 1. home uni should be the 70th anniv with spear logo helmet. 2. away uni should be the 75th anniv with yellow "R" helmet.:applause: HTTR make it happen Dan
  7. MAN...THATS THE LOOK! TheSeanTaylorExperience photo Call Vinny now. Show him your photo. That uniform ROCKS! We will definately win in Dallas with that color combo.:applause::dallasuck
  8. The lucky White on White uni's have returned. If we continue to win, that uniform should be seen all season. Dallas will probably wear their whites (as per routine). I don't believe the Skins have ever sported dark on dark. Maybe its time? Couldn't hurt. All the anti-fashion police KNOW the uniform doesn't effect on field performance. So why not try it on Sunday? Could be refreshing to see. Bonus: If we lose we can blame the uniforms! :dallasuck
  9. You know.......if we just change the uniform(and Lord knows IT is time) then you wouldn't see these posts anymore. Until then...just get used to us "fashion police".
  10. 1. Gibbs is gone. 2. Our current SB-lucky uniforms.............. enough said. 3. We have had the current threads LONGER than any former Redskin uniform in team history! You say why? Change people. Change is good. You say uniforms don't effect on-field performance. Well I say, so what. If there is no effect on team performance then new uniforms shouldn't bother you. Besides, new uniforms would mark an end to the fashion-police articles you hate. Burgundy and Gold people. Not Red, Yellow and White. BTW if you don't care about this issue please don't post. I don't post on your th
  11. BURGUNDY(not bugandy) my secretary can't spell so I had her fired! There is absolutely no excuse for her not knowing that!
  12. For all of you that don't care about this topic I would refer you to reason #5 1. The current uniforms haven't had any major longstanding changes in well over 20 years. (the longest stint in Redskin history). But there have been quite a few changes since the 'Skins inception. Therefore one could argue that periodic changes in Redskin uniform appearence complies WITH Redskin tradition. Therefore, ITS TIME NOW. 2. The 'Skins have not had a really strong consistant team since the early '90s. Teams typically do not make uniform changes when they are winning
  13. I've been an advocate for GOLD in the past. Not yellow but gold. Please please no black.
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