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How much do yous polute?


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Total Footprint = 36

If everyone lived like you, we'd need 8 planets.

(what, because I have running water, electricty, and I don't eat the neighbor's organic cattle? :jerk: I don't even drive 50 miles/week working from home. I'm surprised I scored that high)

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Thought it was missing alot... I only use 1/2 of my house really..

I drive opposite traffic at 5:30am and 3pm...( probably a good question)

Eat meat? duh.... (they didnt ask about my giant garden that feeds 1/4 of my coworkers with tomato's / cucumbers / green beens ... 1 whole corn :).

I normally shop from work... (a question that should be on there...)

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I got a 10

4.9 was for food because I eat meat at every meal, even though I eat locally grown fruits and veggies, locally made grains and pastas

2.7 for shelter because I live in a multistory apartment building in a small town

.2 in Mobility because I drive less than 100 miles a week( I usually walk to work)

2 for goods and services

2.2 planets if you all lived like me

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