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  1. McConnel? Pelosi? Shumer? ( Biden? anyone?) ABSOLUTELY!!!!!!! AOC? She's a poison to this country. Anyone from the "squad that promotes a Venezuela type socialism? How is anyone, that is supposed to speak for their constituency, be so Anti Democracy? Or, IMHO, Anti-American? As I said in a previous post, they promise everything to their supporters, but, sadly, only do what benefits their own pockets.
  2. Wow. Riveting commentary. This forum hasn't changed much. Should I use the CNN, MSNBC, Colbert narrative of President Trump, and the derogatory names they call him.
  3. If any member of Congress is in office for 12 years, they should vacate their seat. Yes? My Grandfather served under 3 Presidents as the President of the America Railroad Association. Although he was a staunch Republican, he did his job for betterment of the country. And he HATED politics. Go figure!
  4. He's not a politician, never has been. As for the deficit? It was set in motion under Obama. I could go on here, but let's not. Answer me this. What has Pelosi, Biden, Schumer or any other career politician, Republican or Democrat, actually done for this country , that didn't have a hook that benefited them personally? Simple question. Do you think that there should be term limits on EVERY member of the Congress? Regardless of political affiliation, career politicians don't give a flying crap about anything! Unless it benefits them and their donors.
  5. Thanks Dan. Right back at ya. I had forgotten how much I didn't miss your BS!
  6. Yeah Dan. You obviously haven't changed much over they years. I have a business to run. I'm not sitting on my ass working "remotely", while on ES
  7. I'm going to step back, as the "Biden Kool Aid" is awash in the thread.
  8. Not "trolling for a fight ". I've been an Extremeskins guy since the beginning. I just popped into read what was going on, and stated my opinion.
  9. You should "weep for this country" Because , when Biden is deemed unfit in a year? Kamala Harris will destroy this country!
  10. I haven't been in the Tailgate in quite a while, or Extremeskins for that matter. After reading some of the comments ? I am truly saddened by what it has devolved into. Those of you that were Democrats 15-20 years ago, have now turned into something that I don't even recognize. Even though I have met a lot of you, some of the comments on here are just straight hateful. It really angers me that Americans will vote against a sitting President, basically just because they "don't like him"? (Save the fact that he DID everything he said he would do, once he became President) . GREAT! Vote i
  11. I don't understand the FO of this franchise anymore! "YES! Let's go get a proven veteran like Alex Smith and surround him with a bunch of bums on the WR corps! We won't win many games, but hey! Look at the Cap space!" This is just getting more and more ponderous!!
  12. Dan. Apparently he needed more Cowbell!
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