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  1. I'm going to step back, as the "Biden Kool Aid" is awash in the thread.
  2. Not "trolling for a fight ". I've been an Extremeskins guy since the beginning. I just popped into read what was going on, and stated my opinion.
  3. You should "weep for this country" Because , when Biden is deemed unfit in a year? Kamala Harris will destroy this country!
  4. I haven't been in the Tailgate in quite a while, or Extremeskins for that matter. After reading some of the comments ? I am truly saddened by what it has devolved into. Those of you that were Democrats 15-20 years ago, have now turned into something that I don't even recognize. Even though I have met a lot of you, some of the comments on here are just straight hateful. It really angers me that Americans will vote against a sitting President, basically just because they "don't like him"? (Save the fact that he DID everything he said he would do, once he became President) . GREAT! Vote i
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