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  1. I have been trying to find this thread too for the past couple of weeks... coming up with the same stinking error message! What was up with that??? Anyway... I just wanted to find it so that I could let everyone know that I am still alive, and haven't fallen off of the face of the Earth. I just haven't had much time to read everything and post lately... Once my son goes back to school... Things should slow down a little more... *crossing my fingers* I hope!
  2. I'm so loving the new Suicide-by-Mod thread!
  3. And what in the world provoked that thought? -thanks for the giggle though-
  4. *smiles* I hope you all have a great week!!!
  5. I managed to get a few hours worth of sleep last night. I ended up getting a stinking migraine though which kept me from getting anymore rest. Oh well... There is always tonight!!! *grins*
  6. I'm all excited... I think I am actually going to get some sleep tonight! *grins*
  7. I had stuff to do! Unfortunately, I had very little sleep the night before, and I was exhausted last night. I was probably 'over' tired. But if I am ever up at four o'clock in the morning again... I will look you up. *smirks* I did feel old last night, but somehow I'm bright-eyed and bushy-tailed this morning... Ready to face the challenges of the day!
  8. I really don't like nights like these. *sighs* Not being able to sleep just sucks... plain and simple.
  9. * * * This is absolutely NOT suitable for work! * * * I ran across this video just now, and I thought I was going to die laughing! *Remember - They aren't just for women anymore*
  10. How many of you would hit it? Danz del Vientre
  11. Federal Express just delivered my package (A gold and black marble chess set). I bought it when I went to Mexico, and my step-mom was going to send it to me. Well, it's here... *pouts* And the chess board is broke in half. I bartered for THREE HOURS to get the price I wanted in the market. GRRRRRRRRRR...
  12. I know how to heal all sorts of boo boos... Headaches, fevers, scrapes, etc... But yesterday, I managed to hurt the muscle where my pelvis and femur connect. It REALLY hurts! Do I use heat/ice/both???
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