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Who's got the best username on ES?

Big Weirdo

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PleaseBlitz is a cool name. I fully agree. Maybe if he posts enough they'll do it more. :)

Im workin' on it.

PleaseBlitz is a cool name.

Too bad the person using it, isn't worthy of such a good name.

Oh you're just salty because Ponch called you a homo. :laugh:

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Hey, I've been MIA for a few weeks now (buying a car, car-related research, blah blah) but it's cool to see props for the best username come in the first post of the thread.

I HAVE won that award before (co-won with Sassy Molassy.) I also completely agree with Who Del's opinion. Really, his is the only one to make any sense if you think about it. (his and those that support his original post.)

How I didn't win Tailgate MVP previously I don't know. We'll have to do an investigation.


And Mick, any woman that marries me actually increases her coolness ratings. It's science.

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Still hoping to draw out "Wierd Gymnasium."

Been laughing in spurts for about 2 minutes at that one. Wierd Gymnasium?

Brings up strange, murky memories, like the gymnastics teacher at my grade school. He was always a bit too helpful with the 12-year old girls, if you know what I mean. Had a naked barbie doll in his office. And his name...Vern Elder. Really odd looking dude - kind of a mix between Steve Buscemi and "bitter beer face" guy from those beer commercials.

He definitely ran a wierd gymnasium.

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All the good names have been mentioned.

Ghost of Nibbs McPimpin is funny, but I have aboslutely no idea what it means. I always thought it was some sort of silly nonsense that popped into his head when signing up. :whoknows:

Spaceman Spiff is also pimp; I contemplated a C&H related name when signing up, but I didn't want to be a biter. I was almost G.R.O.S.S. instead of jrockster77.

MissU28 is good...I always thought it sounded like a license plate, even before I found out that was the story behind it! :laugh:

I agree with CowboysSuckAzz as well...I mean, how can you NOT like that screenname?

iheartskins is a good one as well...an original twist on the multi-millions of "skins" screen names. Also kind of a cool twist on the fact he lives in NYC...I believe I heart NY was the first t-shirt to use that slogan (with a heart instead of the word heart).

TaylorPickSix is a good one as well....only because that's what I'm hoping for every time he steps on the field! :D :laugh:

Gotta shout out The Evil Genius since he changed back...that's definitely a good one. I like codeorama as well...always makes me laugh because I think about the SNL sketch with the copy guy...."codeorama, makin' copies!" :laugh: Plus, for the longest time they both had the Grimm avatar, and I would always get their posts confused. Always. They might as well have been the same person.

RonBurgandy&Gold is funny as well...props for that; very original. I always chuckle when I see it.

SlobberKnockinFootball is another good one.

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