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Who's got the best username on ES?

Big Weirdo

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How could I forget MissU28? When I first saw that, I thought, man nice tribute to #28. :notworthy

Hey Huly? You coming out with the guys again this weekend. We're going to smoke some stoagies, chug some brewskies, and scheme on some broads. You up for it dude? :laugh:

Of course! Will remind me of college! I was always invited for guys night out! :laugh:

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lol, sorry i must have missed it

didnt figure anyone around here noticed me yet, so i had to toot my own horn

feel free to kick my non-existent dog though

Come on Ron, we all know how much you love your dog. Remember how distraught you were when I kicked him over the bridge?

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Echo "Runs with Scissors."

Wish we still heard from "Kaiser Jose."

Still hoping to draw out "Wierd Gymnasium."

Damn...beat me to it. I read all 5 pages searching for it and it was in the 2nd to last post. No posts but the best username EVER. WEIRD GYMNASIUM.

Are you out there Weirdo? Log in and post! I'll fedex you a keg!!

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There are so many great names on this board.

Like the first poster I like Ghost of Nibbs McPimpin. I don't know what it means but it sounds cool. Split vote would go to E-Dog Night, very interesting name, spurs my imagination.

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