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2000th Post Thank You's & Memories


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I have never made a post in regards to my post count before, but I saw Dean do one and figured it’s the offseason nothing much going on now so why not? I want to use it as an opportunity to let some of the gang here know that its been great knowing them.

Finding this board and the people on it has brought a load of fun to my life. I have also met some great friends from this board. I know I’ll leave someone out, but here goes. I put some pics in I could find quick.

Huly & Pez- Thanks for organizing and starting the tailgate this year it’s through this I have met the great people of this board. And oh yea, Pez can you shoot me an email with that wing recipe? (Yeah Riiigght)


Lady Sapperton- Our Official Tailgate Mascot. :applause:


Unsonny- You have to one of the funniest sum****es I’ve ever met. The way you can get a pic is also amazing.


Chappelle- (Issac) You da man for putting up with all our drunk asses this year. And you don’t know how much I say “Good Times” now.


Bugs’- You know I love ya. (Sonny has the pics to prove it:doh:)


RonJeremy- You were one of the first people I met at the tailgate and you couldn’t have made me feel more welcome. :cheers:


Raub & Jennifer- Raub you are one of the most diehard of the diehards. Nobody can give the booooooo like you. Plus coming to the game in the wheelchair after surgery is unbelievable. And not to mention being the official brewmaster. No pics of Jennifer??? How'd I manage that?


KevinB- Your one crazy sob sometimes. You flipped me off in one day more than I have ever been in my life, but you know what they say, spit happens. Love the blank photoshop signs too.


CandaceM23- AKA, Kansas, Old Milwaukee Light girl. Always will remember wiping out the beer pong table, of course you did have help.


Halter91- You’re the spirit of the tailgate! You get us all fired up. Plus you helped me win a DVD player and grill.


ArtMonFan- Another diehard, and beerpong fanatic.


PSUHeckler- Yet another beerpong addict.


Rdsknbill- He of the slamming grilled chicken.


KingGibbs- Can booooo with the best of them! You can’t miss the chili cookoff this year. I think yours has a great chance to win!


MissU28- Warning this girl can go buckwild on game day!!


ParkCitySkins- I had never gotten drunk at a tailgate till your Tom Cruise Kokomo bartending butt showed up. Love those chicklets!. Hope you can make it to some games next year.


Blondie- Another diehard among diehards. Came all the way from Dallas to welcome the skins home! Remember when we were rushing into redskins park and you caught that curb? You almost went down hard.


HulysSexyFriend- The greatest dog lover I've ever met. :silly: See Chapelles Pic.

Skinsfan44- Was great to meet you this year, glad you tailgating with us now.

Lefty- The music man.


Chubakah- One of the best tats I’ve ever seen! And thanks for the smoking advice. (Not what you guys are thinking)

Skinsfan1311- THE Makers Mark Connection.

MontanaRed- I ahve a print for you next time I see you.


JRock- Great to meet you at the game this year, hope you can make it to another next year.

Stwasm- The Official Cheerleader connection.


Monte51Coleman- We sit in the same row, but I’ve never met you. We gotta fix that next year.

Portissizzle- We’ve gone round on the board a few times, but much respect for you.

Xameil- Think you’ll ever make it to a game? You and I have similar outlook on things.

Last but not least, The Mods- You guys have made this all possible. For that you have my sincere thanks. I was able to meet a couple of you briefly at the tailgate and it was cool to see how awkward you looked when people were wanting pics and autographs, and your just trying to hang with everyone. And Art, I have never seen anyone drink jiegermiester like that before.

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Yeah HOF, girlfriend and I are planning on makin it down there this up coming season. She's a gints fan, but she's cool, so I forgive her :D . Lookin forward to meeting you guys and having a 1 or 2 *cough* kegs *cough* with ya. And congratz on the post count.

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JRock- Great to meet you at the game this year, hope you can make it to another next year.

Me too, man. Me too!!!

Great to meet you as well! I wish I still lived in the area...that tailgate was so much fun!!! :) Next time I won't have my mom with me, so I can participate in the pwnag3 a little more aggressively!! :D

EDIT: I'm currently kicking around the idea of going on the Houston trip...but that's a loooooooooooooooong way off!! :)

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Congrats Bob! :applause:

I also need to let everyone know that HOF44 was a BIG part of the tailgate last season. Sort of the "unsung hero" at times. Whenever we needed a little help or an extra bottle of booze :refill: or whatever...Bob always volunteered. It was great getting to know you last season. He even supplied some Beer Pong Champion Shirts last season. :cool:

I will hopefully see you next month. :cheers:

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once again!!!

this thread.................


thanks for the kind words!!!

here is a bonus (never before posted) Pic, just for your 2000th


before that loser Tom Cruise got Katie Holmes to become a Scientologist - our man HO44 was hittin' that



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