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  1. I love Oktoberfest beers...but I have my personal thing where I don't drink one before Week 1 of the Regular Season. Can't wait....for both!!!
  2. Get a flight (sampler) get 4 beers....5 oz pours I was $7/$8 for the is served on a skeleton key holder. That way you can sample and then get a pint for roughly the same price ($7/$8) if you find something you like. I didn't get the pizza. I wasn't feeling the $8/slice price tag. The Food Truck schedule is on the they aren't open everyday, so definitely check the website before you go: Enjoy!
  3. Ahhh...the memories....I used to drink that **** back in college....thanks for the hangovers Red Dog!! I went to Jailbreak Brewery in Laurel, MD a few weeks ago....nice taproom and easy to get to....the $8/slice pizza truck in the parking lot was a little pricey. Had a good time and enjoyed Feed the Monkey (Hefe), Big Punisher (Double IPA), Southern Cross (kolsch)....decent beers. Not the greatest ever but I enjoyed the afternoon. Worth a stop if you are in that area.
  4. J.C. Terp Cornerback. Hopefully he can stay clean while at UMD.... Jackson originally signed with Florida as a member of the class of 2014, but was charged with armed robbery and dismissed from the team after his redshirt freshman season. His case went to trial where he was found not guilty, but the damage to his Florida career had already been done. He couldn't return to the Gators, and spent a year at Riverside Community College. He appeared to be headed to join his former head coach Will Muschamp at South Carolina before "a ruling beyond South Carolina's control" prevented him from joining the team, according to Shurburtt. Now he might be joining DJ Durkin, who was Jackson's defensive coordinator for the Gators.
  5. Market is closed and I have returned and taken all of the calls at this point. I am calling it a day....I will thank the UK for my hangover tomorrow morning.
  6. Dow down 611.21 (3.39%) S&P down 76.02 (3.60%) Thanks UK!!
  7. It will be a two year process, with political and economic uncertainty around the exit negotiations likely to persist for months, if not years. The ultimate impacts of BREXIT will hinge on the politicians in the UK and EU working together.....good luck with that.
  8. After 54 beers he can't remember either....
  9. Derecho!!!!......It's back. Forming in the Ohio Valley tonight and heading Southeast to the DMV.
  10. I am going to pick up the Rochefort 10 this weekend. I found a store not far from me that carries it. I am looking forward to trying it. Thanks for the recommendation.
  11. Last night I had Saint Bernardus Abt 12 Belgian Quad. It was recommended by a co-worker and was on draft at my favorite Happy Hour spot. It was fantastic!!! I highly recommend of the original recipes from the day of the Trappist monks of Westvleteren. One of the best beers I have ever tasted.
  12. I actually had the Blood Orange ale last Friday night on draft....I will give credit where it is due...I enjoyed that one. I am looking to visit a brewery local to week and see what the have to offer. I have only had their Kolsch (Christoph's Waltz) and thought it was very good.
  13. I find Flying Dog really hit or miss with their beers...this was a big swing and a miss. I have lived in MD my whole life and was raised on Old Bay....and this isn't my favorite use of the spice. I had it a party in a bottle.
  14. Had some Flying Dog Old Bay Summer Ale over the weekend.....not a fan. By to sampling other Summer Brews.
  15. Can we get back to the funny? I am bored here....come on!!!!
  16. Went to my local Pub last evening and got a flight of the following: Weihenstephaner 1516 Jailbreak Christoph’s Waltz Kölsch Victory Kirsch Gose Rogue Shakespeare Oatmeal Stout NITRO Loved everything except the was alright...just not my favorite .
  17. Amazon beat is up 11% in after hours trading! Congrat's if you own Amazon
  18. That is a nice profit. You sold it when you felt it was a good time....don't look back! I need to take me own advice...I know! As my Grandfather used to say "you never go broke selling something for a profit"...simplistic view...but not a bad way to look at it. Yeah, that has been killing it the last month and half. I have been watching it the price at the pump rises
  19. Congratulations if you currently own FB stock....their earnings report killed is up about 7% after hours. Wish I hadn't sold it when it hit $100.
  20. My comment was not about what AAPL is actually worth. My point was about further eroding of the stock price due to Institutional Investors dumping AAPL, since it may no longer being considered a Large Cap Growth stock in investing circles. If Portfolio Managers of Large Cap Mutual Funds decide to sell out of AAPL it could really drop the price. I don't have a price opinion on AAPL, I was just pointing out a real risk of a further price drop. Hopefully that clears it up. It is not a negative if you are speculating on an individual stock. Getting in and out for a profit is a timing thing. But that is not timing is a negative when you are talking about overall investing.
  21. My concern with buying AAPL right now is that this is a nice dip....but it could go lower fairly soon. Apple has been considered a Growth Stock forever...that is changing right now. A lot of large mutual fund companies could dump Apple out their "Large Cap Growth" Mutual funds. It may be considered a Value Stock going forward. While it is in transition from Institutional Buyers (i.e. Mutual fund companies) the price could really dip. If some of these Large Cap Growth funds dump it, it could be huge blow...probably temporary....but the price could really drop. This may not be the bottom for AAPL...and yes, this is a total timing thing....which isn't bad if you are speculating on an individual stock. Not a viable strategy with your overall portfolio of investments.
  22. Down goes AAPL...down $8/share at the open. I wouldn't buy it right now. Exactly....until they launch a new product that is a "market disrupter" they are not going to grow as a company....need to be a market innovator with Driver-less cars....imo
  23. In a broad sense, yes. You have to jump into the market at some point and will pick the time in which you sell out a particular stock or fund in the future. In this case, I am speculating with one stock. When I was speaking about market timing above, I was referring to selling your portfolio when you have a dip in the market and then try to buy everything back when the market goes up and selling at the next dip instead of just holding your portfolio the whole time. Studies have shown selling out of every investment when the market dips and then getting back in when the market goes up really costs you in the long run. Hopefully this clears it up a little. I have one stock (XON) that I plan to hold for at least a year that I am speculating that it will go up hopefully , but I also have a portfolio of investments (other stocks, mutual funds, etf's, municipal bonds, etc.) that I will be holding for the next 20 years regardless of what the market is doing. I won't be trying to time the selling and rebuying of those investments. I will just be holding them.
  24. Debate is good. Yes, I would consider selling it in 6 months if I saw a large amount of appreciation....but I plan to be disciplined and reevaluate in 2017. I could hold on to XON another 5 years. If the stock ran up 10x its price over the next 5 years (like UA did from 2009-2014), I would kick myself for dumping it after 6 months. So, I am trying to be disciplined and evaluate yearly.
  25. I am speculating. I bought the stock to hold it in hopes that they find a viable solution to combating the Zika virus. Market timing would be jumping out of the stock last week as it started to drop and then trying to buy back in once the price theoretically stabilized and was starting to go back up (which it has dipped again today, so it hasn't stabilized yet). You may save a little downside drop in the short term but jumping in and out over the long run isn't a viable strategy. I bought 200 shares of XON back in February and I am holding them....currently at a loss but that is only on paper at this point. I could buy more now and lower my overall cost basis/per share cost but I am not comfortable speculating with more than 200 shares of XON. This is a buy/hold deal for the rest of this year.