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Random Thought Thread

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I have the theme to Super Mario Bros. stuck in my head. I don't know why. It's really starting to bother me though.



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Question but I didn't want to start a thread on it...

Can you send a fax from your computer if you don't have a phone ?

I have wireless throughout, but I have a magicjack also. Any help would be appreciated.

I found this:

Can I fax using Magic Jack?

This is a popular question. They do not support faxes, but the answer is yes. You may need to do some tweaking. However, not much tweaking. First, turn off error correction on your fax machine or program. Then, set the fax machine or program to use the slowest speed available. The slowest speed will ensure a fax goes through. You may increase later to find the highest speed at which a fax can be received.


Hope that helps a little, I'm no expert. I have a EPSON printer/fax machine that cost about $100 and it is awesome.

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My parents have some program on their computer, I dunno if they bought it separately or what. But here's something I found just through a quick google search:


Cool, thanks. Like I said I gotta look at everything. On my old computer I could just fax a page directly from the computer without using my printer/fax machine. It's not even plugged in to this computer.

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