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Random Thought Thread

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I'm transfering to either George Washington or George Mason next semester and me and my buddy are looking for places to live around the Mason campus. Any of you guys familiar with this area know of places that aren't overpriced and are close to the metro/campus?

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Well played ren. Well played.

It took me an hour to get my car in driving condition earlier. There was about two feet of snow on it. ****ing ridiculous. Sure that happens all the time in the north but I don't think I've ever seen this much snow here. Some cars are getting to the point where you can't see them anymore.

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We are the Tailgate

Posting Crew

Posting on down

doing it for you

You know we're just

posting for fun

posting our stuff for everyone

We're not here to start no trouble

We're just here to do the

Tailgate Shuffle!

I'm the punky QB

known as Ixxie

When i hit the turf

i aint got no plan

I just throw my body

all over the field

I cant dance but

I can throw the field

I motivate the catch

I like the T's

I play so cool

I aim to please

Thats why you all got here

on the double

to catch me doing

The Tailgate Shuffle

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Why does a "family" event (dinner, sporting event, etc) always include my 18 year old sister's boyfriend?

I mean don't get me wrong, I absolutely adore him, but seriously...they're not married...yet.

yeah, i cant stand my sisters dip**** bf, but somehow he still manages to tag along....its ridiculous being held hostage in my own house having to deal with him and his stupid ****.

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Did you see the video of Staubach and that Lilly guy yet

I saw the second one with Drew Pearson, Hollywood Henderson, Charlie Waters, and Tony Dorsett of the 77 Cowboys. Demolished Orange Crush :mad:

Not yet, I still have it bookmarked. If I can get over my massive hangover right now, I'll look at some of it tonight. I wanna die right now.

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