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Charlotte fans live and die with the bandwagon. They are not established enough to have tradition or history.

I have seats in the 5th row for the Lakers game and they were not hard to find, but it is one of the only sold out games.

Odd because the Bobcats are getting better since they brought Brown in. Still need a true center, but they are playing with heart.

You're right about the bandwagon thing. You can't find a Panther jersey around here when they aren't winning. And since the Bobcats' arrival, I can probaby count on one hand, the number of people I've seen with their gear.

But I think it all comes down to a few things. One is that is was just too soon to put another NBA team back in this town. And two, the majority of taxpayers voted against the arena. And then you have an owner that doesn't even live here, and rarely attends games. Ditto for MJ. And Johnson didn't win over any fans, with his dumb idea to put Bobcats' game on a channel that few people in the area even got. And early on, the Bobcats tickets were among the highest in the NBA. Pretty dumb when you're an expansion team, and were putting a crappy product on the floor.

There are many more reasons for the low attendance. But this isn't the right thread.

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anyone here programs and finds that they start to type incorrectly in other places because of it? I usually find myself missing a lot of letters and whole words when I type. I even catch myself doing the upper and lower case mistakes. I never had that problem before

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You're on Cash Cab and make it to the end. Do you go double or nothing on the video bonus question or take the money and get out?

run like a *****. :pfft:

damn, my tool bar at the bottom just got two lines bigger. How do I get rid of all the extra bull **** that takes up screen space? Google, Ask, zango, Yahoo. Now I have the tool bar at the bottom taking up three lines with day, date and time.:mad:

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