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Things Id rather do than cheer on the Cowboys


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Right Guys (and girls) list please things you would rather do than cheer on dallas. :dallasuck

I reckon we can get a hundred things no bother :laugh: :laugh:

Here we go!

1. Stick a hot needle in my eye.

2. Take shower with Ernest Borgnine.

3. Contract herpes.

4. Get a Mexican divorce.

5. Drink rubbing alcohol. (Like Kitty Dukakkis)

6. Cheer for the Fudge-Packers.

7. Change my name to Phyllis.

8. Drive my car off a cliff.

9. Get a rectal exam.

10. Be audited by the IRS.



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I would rather make sweet passionate love with Janet Reno then cheer for the Cowgirls.

I feel like any sexual contact with Janet Reno could never been considered sweet or passionate, much less both together.

That being said, and quoting "Weird" Al Yankovich: 'I'd rather clean the bathrooms of Grand Central Station...with my tongue' than root for the cows.

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