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Things Id rather do than cheer on the Cowboys


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I would rather fly to Zimbabwe and live under a turtle shell for 6 months

I would rather drop-out of college, (currently at Northwestern) and pursue a life-long career in being a male prostitue, thus later developing aids, and die at age 40.

I would rather reject having exotic sex w/ Petra Nemcova (Sports Illustrated) then root for the Cowboys. maybe not...:D

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Here we go!

1. Stick a hot needle in my eye.

2. Take shower with Ernest Borgnine.

3. Contract herpes.

4. Get a Mexican divorce.

5. Drink rubbing alcohol. (Like Kitty Dukakkis)

6. Cheer for the Fudge-Packers.

7. Change my name to Phyllis.

8. Drive my car off a cliff.

9. Get a rectal exam.

10. Be audited by the IRS.



Please explain the Mexican Divorce? I'm Mexican so I'll take it into account...

I'd rather watch to a soccer game ending in a 0-0 tie than watch a pukes' game. :dallasuck

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I'd rather be locked in a room with Shannon Sharpe for 800 hours and have to listen to him talk senseless crap and spit all over me before i root for the queerboys. i hate those ****s

On the other hand I would love to be locked in a room with Roy Williams that horse collar P****, i would love to take a chain saw to that guy like Scarface

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