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  1. Will my £5 eway on a 20-1 shot in the grand national make my day or have I just wasted a tenner ?
  2. 28 mins since i ordered my pizza its only another 2 min wait then they dont charge me
  3. What was the guy who first thought of drinking cows milk playing at ?
  4. what time is it over there (USA) just now ?
  5. Why do I check this thread almost every day now ?
  6. I wonder if anyone has devised a scientific formula that lets me know how long I can dunk different types of biscuit in my cup of tea before they go all soggy break off and snap ???
  7. The english ! How else would they read the news in the morning :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: My current random thought Wonder if the promised simpsons movie will be as good as the tv programme ?
  8. no its not and its nowhere near as good as the book (im unlikely to ever read it again so send me a pm and i will post it to you if you fancy reading it) My random thought, I have a hole in my sock and its 7am and im at work should i nip out and buy a new pair or go the whole day with a mild pain in my toe ?
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