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Things Id rather do than cheer on the Cowboys


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I'd rather walk through a blizzard naked than root for the Pokes
Low crawl naked through a mile of broken beer bottles and rusty nails and take a bath in rubbing alcohol while being scrubbed with used toliet brushes.

I would rather be forced to live with my eyes shut for a month than have to watch any of those two! :laugh:

Oh yeah... I forgot the 'than cheer on the cowboys' part.

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I'd rather suffer the fate of some Greek Tragic hero:

doink my mom and have babies and then poke my eyes out and be exiled...

sacrifice my daughter for favorable winds, then be killed by wife's lover when I return from an expedition...

be walled up in a cave with no food and hang myself, rather than admit wrong...

Kill thousands of trojans when my best friend / lover is killed, then be killed in Venus' temple by some treacherous wimp whilst I woo a trojan woman...

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I'd rather have a night out on the town with a sorority girl or two than root for the cowboys.

If I miss a game it better be for a good reason.

Only sorority girl a Dallas fan like you's getting is from Omega Mu.

Did you catch the reference?

Someone explain it to him.


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i'd rather have my legs ripped off at the knee and then attached to a machine to constantly kick me in the nads the whole time having a philly fan assualt me like they do at the linc. and a giants fan scream at me through a megaphone about how eli manning is the second comming of phil sims than root for the cowpaddies.

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