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  1. MrSilverMaC

    Welcome to the NFL Dwayne Haskins QB Ohio State

    If his comparison came true he'd end up as a pretty good qb. I'm glad I watched the video though. His youtube highlights I found all seem to show him excelling in an offense that's much more vertical than what I believe we run. This video showed him hitting on more timing type stuff.
  2. MrSilverMaC

    Starting QB 2019???

    This what I’ve been hoping for myself. Looking around the league and it just seems to me that the old way of letting a qb learn by watching or being put in low stress scenarios their rookie year is best. Cousins, mahomes, Rodgers, and Brady all sat at least their first year. I don’t think we should necessarily spend a 1st or even second rounder on him either, unless they are definitely the bpa. I’ve watched highlights of rypien at Boise state, and really like him completely aside from the family tie to the skins. He’s projected as a 3rd or 4th rounder last I checked but that could obviously change based on bowl play and what he looks like at the combine. Im good with either colt, Alex, or some random fa starting next year as I’m of the mind we need to take our medicine regarding the situation we put ourselves with qb and would rather spend our 1st two picks on o or d linemen.
  3. MrSilverMaC

    The Race to Black Monday 2019: 12/30/19

    McCarthy can’t win with Rodgers, and you want him here with Dan and Alex? Tomlin’s success is all about him reaping the benefits of probably the best f.o in football providing him with an outstanding offense along with crushing defenses and you want to pair him with Dan and whoever our “gm” is hoping we can reproduce that here? He has rothlisberger, Antonio brown, other assorted all-pros. We have Alex Smith and doctson. Just sayin. And unless you’re thinking Jim harbaugh, I want no part of John. An offensive coach that’s responsible for the joke that’s been baltimore’s “offense” for years doesn’t exactly warm the loins. Just Incase you did mean Jim, I don’t think Jim would want to trade one dumbass nfl owner and dysfunctional f.o for a second probably worse set of dumbass owner & f.o as his second foray into nfl head coaching gigs. But I guess we can dream, right?
  4. I mean, showing a clip of Alex fails hurts, but a clip of Reid fails is so much longer and more fun to watch…
  5. Regardless of how this game ends, Smith is a loser.
  6. MrSilverMaC

    Pathetic crowds at home opener

    For those bucking for an expansion team: how long did L.A wait for a team? They have two now, and neither are expansion teams. Do you really think the NFL is going to add an expansion team just for d.c? L.A is two to three times the size of d.c with roughly the same cost of living. It's the 8th largest economy in the world by itself and the NFL wasn't willing to expand just for them. a lot of you people seriously over estimate people's regard/opinion for d.c.
  7. MrSilverMaC

    The biking thread....

    That sucks hard, mcsluggo. May at all of their female descendants grow full mustaches.
  8. MrSilverMaC

    Pathetic crowds at home opener

    Holy ****, are you bull****ting me?! The skins are .500 at fed ex? Man, that's way better than I would have guessed. Gun to my head I would've said low .400's high .300's!
  9. This belongs here, right?
  10. MrSilverMaC

    Trump and his cabinet/buffoonery- Get your bunkers ready!

    Robbing a person of life or liberty, both of which arpaio has done, is a far more egregious wrong than robbing someone of their money. Pardoning someone for the first is worse than the second, unless you're of the new breed of republicans.
  11. MrSilverMaC

    The Race to Black Monday 2019: 12/30/19

    Considering the number of times a Ryan has found themselves in the unemployment line after being beaten like a silver mullet'd step child by the Skins, I doubt he'd want to coordinate for them.
  12. MrSilverMaC

    **** the Cowboys

    10 hours til game time. **** dallas
  13. MrSilverMaC

    The biking thread....

    Just a stab in the dark, cause I don't know what state you live in, but here is a link to the Virginia mvd site:
  14. MrSilverMaC

    The biking thread....

    Your bike is considered a vehicle here in az and riding on the sidewalk is illegal. You're expected to ride in the street and if there is no bike lane to own the lane like you were a car. Perhaps you should take the time to read more about cycling, my guess is you're the one in the wrong where you live.