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  1. I got mine yesterday too. My shoulder was sore as well, but luckily for me it’s largely gone now. I think I had a very slight bout with nausea while driving not long after getting it but other than those two things, I don’t have any side effects.
  2. No, I agree that he’s throwing that chum out to his voter base which he obviously had a low opinion of. But there are too many soundbites of the dumb **** he says for me to think he’s not dumb enough to believe a large portion of the ignorance that spews out of his mouth If by usually you mean most of the time, you may be right. If instead you mean commonly, I would definitely have to disagree. Dumb people take advantage of dumb people all the time. I see multiple instances of it at work every day. All you need to take advantage of people is sufficient charm and the
  3. Cruz is a ****ing 1st class dunce, but even he’s gotta be sentient enough to feel that burn, right? I imagine that McConnell has to be sitting there face-palming that hideous sagging slab of flesh attached to the front of his skull every time one of these seditious boobs sets AOC up to knock another one out of the park on Twitter. Unfortunately their voter base is too stupid to appreciate the artistry and beauty in the burns served every time some idiot like gaetz lobs one her way.
  4. Even more proof the Republican Party is full of ****. are we sure that was hair dye running down rudy’s face?
  5. FALSE! trump has declared the universe is against him too, it’s obviously part of the deep state as well.
  6. Or maybe an update on when we can expect payment for the 2 miles of wall he built?
  7. Maybe I’m confused, but what other reason would YOU vote against somebody other than “don’t like him”? Did I miss the memo and we are now supposed to vote for racist jackasses because “don’t like him” isn’t a good enough reason for some 55 y.o (insert heinous commie-lib insult) who thinks anything left of the third reich is communism? News flash, he lost the popular vote by a cool 3 million last election. He got crushed in the popular vote this election. He won the first time due to the way the electoral votes shook out. People who sat on the sidelines last time made it a point
  8. Trump is famous for his telegraphing. I’d bet money that if we ever find voter fraud related to this election it will only show that it was republicans and that joe won by even more than we thought.
  9. AOC is a superstar, but I would vote for Porter for president everyday of the week and thrice on Election Day.
  10. Kermit didn’t take that lying down. D-Reezy ain’t want that smoke, son! just as nsfw as the first one, I don’t post much but please don’t ban me for it
  11. AP already called AZ because Pima county is reliably blue, and Maricopa was moving blue since 2018. As far as I know those are the only 2 counties left here. we’ve decided to turn blue and smoke a phatty to celebrate.
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