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A few excerpts from my email exchange with her:

Me: Another day, no new article? Come on Sally, Redskins nation is eagerly

waiting to see what you have to say!

Or are you waiting for daddy to write the article?

SJ: Hi

First, thanks for reading the Washington Post.

Dude, you don't WANT me on the Redskins. Every time I go to a game, they lose. I'm the official kiss of death. However, I may well be at the Eagles game. They lose that one, we'll know for sure it's me.

As for my father, he's just fine, thank you for your interest, and I'd be proud to write anything he tells me, since he's far and away the best writer in the family. I'll tell him you asked after him.

Enjoy the holidays.

Best, Sally J


SJ: Extreme Skins is the house organ. They get pissed when I report the final score.

I write plenty of positive things about the coaches and players. I almost never write positive things about management -- for the simple reason that I think Snyder and Cerato have done a lousy job these past five or six years, as their record attests. That doesn't make me a Skins hater. It just makes me observant. Maybe Joe Gibbs is good enough to overcome them. He may be. I certainly hope so.

Anyhow, whatever I write is just that, my opinion. There are three other superior columnists you can read if you don't like mine. (Poor Danny. The girl columnist thinks he's a bad owner. How will he ever pick up the shattered pieces of his life?)

And if I don't write about the Skins every week, it's because it's just not my job to be as intensely interested in the Skins as the fan boards.



Contrary to your impression, I'm not self employed. My editors call up and say, "Can you write a Giants column this week?" And since they pay my salary, I say, "Sure."

I suppose I could have written about the Skins some time in the last three weeks if I chose to, but frankly, the BCS, and the Colts trying to go undefeated were just as important and interesting. Like I say, we have three other columnists who are all over the Skins. I think the franchise will survive my opinions, or non-opinions.

Anyhow, if I am in attendance at the game this weekend, I will certainly write about them.

But like I warned you -- every time I show up, they go down. Cross your fingers I get pulled off the game.

Nice talking with you.


Shed a little light on why she hasn't written anything about us lately....I guess you guys can blame the post for that stupid coughlin article.

Sounds like she is rooting for the team to do well though, like where she points out that she hopes gibbs does well and she realizes she jinx's the team so she hopes she wont be there...

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This is totally what I expected: the Post only asks her to do a piece only when it's negative, in part because she's not in town. It's not that she hates the franchise, she just hates Danny and Cerrato... something she's hardly alone in.

I just have no idea why she writes for the Post. I wouldn't mind it if she was a New York person exclusively.


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Wow, amazing what happens when you actually see someone as a person:rolleyes: Now you've ruined hating her for half the board.

Well, for those who were reactionary and emotional enough to hate her, I certainly hope so.

That doesn't change the idiocy of her article. It doesn't change the fact that she had little basis provided for her claims. It also doesn't change that Boswell provided a negative article with factual basis that was well received here.

I'm not trying to inspire anyone to dislike Sally Jenkins the person, but I don't admire Sally Jenkins the writer anymore than I did before I read this thread. Your opinion of her should never have been personal anyway (and by "your" I of course don't mean "you" Yusuf, just the board in general).

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Nothing I just read changes my opinion of her one iota. She openly reveals that she has an axe to grind by sharing her views on the FO.

It's just ridiculous to pay someone to write the trash pieces in which she delights. Why would anyone in DC want to read that garbage?

Either hire someone who understands the meaning of "objective" or find someone with enough respect for the franchise and fanbase to entertain the readers without resorting to relentless pessimism and vague half-truths.

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Either hire someone who understands the meaning of "objective" or find someone with enough respect for the franchise and fanbase to entertain the readers without resorting to relentless pessimism and vague half-truths.

how about just hiring someone that knows football period.

as for her stating she writes about the skins every 3 weeks or so, she must be on crack because i recall her writing about the skins in consecutive weeks when weve lost 2 or 3 straight.

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That's great. I think - check that - I know Sally Jenkins is an excellent sportswriter, but I don't bother trying to defend on this board anymore because I know the response will be nothing but hate and word vomit.

Every time someone posts one of her articles on this board, one of the local geniuses will likely respond with:

"Written by Sally jenkins"

I stopped reading right there.

And then another poster will respond with a ":laugh:" or some such inspired agreement.

You may not like what she says, but she's damn good at what she does. If you don't agree with her opinions, it doesn't make her a "b!tch [who needs] to go get laid or something" as one so eloquent poster once put it. If I searched I'm sure I could find many more similar responses.

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