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  1. SkinsNumberOne

    Dear Dan Snyder: We do not like being fans anymore; we tolerate it

    The Eagles have been solid for a long time. They made a couple of critical mistakes that had me excited, with the Chip Kelly fiasco (don't let the recent success cloud your memory of that!), but they righted the ship. As a fan of a rival team, the best part of the Chip Kelly era was getting rid of Howie Roseman. It was the same with Marty, for us - only, in reverse. The bets part of being a fan of the team, was getting rid of Vinny at that time. The following year, Snyder cans Marty and brings back Vinny. In the Eagles case, they eventually get over the Chip Kelly phase, and ... drat it all... bring back Howie. Snyder would have been wise to bring in Roseman during that phase, wine and dine him, try to convince him that he was treated poorly, whatever it took. Howie wasn't some unheralded, unfound person. He was well known, and successful at what he was doing. You look at the success the Eagles had in the 2000s, Howie is a big part of that. Meanwhile, you look at our failures in the 2000s, I feel Vinny is a big part of that. Now, you have the opportunity to at least try to get someone of that high caliber... and of course... we ignore it. That's just the way it goes here. It is incredibly frustrating. We let our flotsam go (or at least, Marty did) and probably Snyder was shocked no one grabbed him. The Eagles let a talented individual go... I'm shocked no one managed to find a place for him.
  2. SkinsNumberOne

    Dear Dan Snyder: We do not like being fans anymore; we tolerate it

    There are various things I remember from the Marty times: 1) Marty demanded Vinny be out. That apparently rubbed Snyder the wrong way, but he had agreed to giving Marty full control. 2) Marty had to cost cut, so he trimmed the roster down quite a bit and basically did the best he could with a lot of guys who NFL experts knew weren't going to make us winners immediately. We still managed 8-8 that year, which really isn't bad all things considering, but it was tough to watch certainly. The thing is, the thinking fan felt like somethin good could come the following year. 3) Marty gave advice to Darrell Green. I don't think this was meant as a big news report back then, but I remember there was this almost palpable dislike for that. Maybe it was just in my circle of people, but I remember there was a pretty unanimous negative reaction to that story that Marty had "tips" for DG on playing DB. 4) When Marty was fired, following a year of "inside scoops" on the Redskins Organization that many of us attributed to Vinny anyway, Snyder went and re-hired Vinny again. It's not like Vinny was waiting around. Upon getting fired, he went to other teams; no one was interested. So, "somehow" he was still available for Snyder after a year of maybe giving out negative gossip on the Skins. This kind of history is why the Redskins are considered one of the most dysfunctional franchises in the NFL even when they have some successful seasons (even though the decision making has clearly in my mind gotten better, there is always a tendency to raise an eyebrow and scrutinize the moves - player, FO, all - with a negative tilt... due to decisions like this in the past). -- sorry for the ramble... what I don't remember is... who is this GM? that is escaping my memory.
  3. SkinsNumberOne

    Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

    This is just another thing that he's doing - outside of the game, but still pretty stupid, it's really not hard to remember to not drop the flag - that is him acting without thinking. It reminds me of him fumbling against Cincy (as you mention). It reminds me of him trying to jump his huge frame over people instead of bowling them over. It reminds me of him arguing with Campbell last year about being out of formation and forcing the team to call timeout (which was ridiculous). He plays with a lot of heart, fire, and passion, and he's a big guy. I give credit to Gibbs to recognizing that's not enough and limiting his role which I really criticized at the time and wondered about. It's another lesson in how the coaches see a lot more than we do, and we should be careful with judging based on our limited perspective.
  4. SkinsNumberOne

    Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

    I understand that people here love Mike Sellers' passion, love his size and that he can bowl people over. I get that. I also know he ges some exciting plays because of that; I enjoy it too. But anyone who doesn't realize his judgment is always questionable, that his head isn't focused well, hasn't been paying attention. It's become clear why his play was sometimes surprisingly limited by Gibbs.
  5. SkinsNumberOne

    Fun With Eli's Drunk Pic

    Hm... in honor of Eli's great SB performance and play down the stretch, I think it would be appropriate if this thread was deleted. (not)
  6. SkinsNumberOne

    Fun With Eli's Drunk Pic

    Yeah, Eli played ok, but certainly not great. Tiki is the one who beat us, if we are going to pick someone on their offense who beat us (reality: 2 plays from their O beat us, but the real story was their D). Let the pictures continue!