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Lavar says he was "misquoted"....Wants to remain a Redskin and retire a Redskin


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I'm glad this is coming out... because with the interviews I've heard LaVar do on sportstalk recently and in the past, it's obvious things were taken out of context to me.

It's interesting that people are willing to side with the media but not back the player when he tries to come out and speak the truth.

Until proven otherwise, I'll give LaVar the benefit of the doubt.

^^^ as do I, the media sucks. necessary but sucks. for lack of a better word.

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Players get paid to "Play", not to flap their lips. A lot of these young guys just don't seem to get it.

I am totally surprised @ Lavar. His father was a military man and disiplined.

I would bet he raised his son in the same manner. I'm frankly getting tired of Lavar quotes/misquotes. I love him as a player, but as a yapper, he is disappointing.

He is paid very well and could retire in a NY minute without a concern about his finances for the rest of his life. I don't feel sorry for him at all. I have defended him on this board numerous times, but I'm tiring of his Owensque (TO) traits of late.

I hope this is the last we hear of Lavar's/Redskins intentions in this matter :doh:

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LaVar: "Getting married was probably the best decision I've ever made in my life...I wake up happy to be married. Like most guys my age, I sometimes wonder if I really do love my wife like I say I do...but I cry whenever I think of living my life without her."

WT: Even though recently wed, LaVar Arrington questions the level of love he has for his new bride: "I sometimes wonder if I really do love my wife like I say I do," Arrington admits, although he is also quick to say he is indeed happy in his marriage.

Misquote?...Or taken out of context? And if you're his wife, does it matter?

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I predict Lavar will restructure his contract in the off-season and remain here for the rest of his career.

I was thinking that before too, but not since this article came out. I think GW left him out of some games to show we could win without him. (Even though we lost a few) And now I think Gibbs may be getting fed up with the distraction that is Lavar. We (I mean the Redskins and the fans) don't need this now. I'd much rather be reading about the Eagles deficiancies (sp?) and how we are gonna beat them.

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Don't be foolish.

First, his name is Elfin.

Second, he loves writing negative pieces.

His piece on Sean Taylor was completely negative. I think he revels in it.

:applause: :applause: Don't you guys think that (IMO) morons like Peter King (A HOF voter), Dr. Z. (another HOF voter), and Pastabelly belong to these media organizations? They WANT a juicy controversy. There is probably fault on both sides, but I could see a writer twisting quotes. You can't even fully trust a TV or radio interview that is taped. I'd like to see a personality like James Brown do a live interview with Lavar on Sporting News Radio.

LaVar with the "wasn't me" defense. Classic.

He MADE the quotes he made. He SAID he'd not restructure his deal to stay here. Doubtless Elfin promised this would come out after the season. And, he promised $6.5 million in bonus I'm sure :).

C'mon Art. As much as I'd like him to, how could he be expected to restructure again? Why in the world did they structure his contract the way they did anyhow?

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:doh: :laugh:

La Var is the bomb!! QB Killa #56 is the best LB in football. LaVar is the QB Killa, just ask Troy Aikman!!!

The Washington Time just lied about LaVar because they are mad at Danny Boy for taking thier season tix!!!

LaVar is a Redskin for life. Why do people talk about him being traded? That would be like the Red Sox letting Johnny Damon go to the Yankees, or the Patriots letting Ty Law go to the Jets!!!

LaVar BLEEDS burgandy and GOLD baby! All he wants to do is crush the QB like he's been doing all year!

He is Mr. Redskin!

Go #56. Hail.

This made me spit out my coke :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

But on a serious note, I wish he would just keep his mouth shut and be a professional.

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Bottom line is both parties are probably wrong. LaVar definitely shouldn't have spoke at this time of the year, and the writer probably(defintely IMO) twisted some things LaVar said to make the interview seem juicier.

The funniest quote in this whole thing I read was from the most overrated player in football, Jermiah Trotter, when he actually had the balls to say that he always wanted LaVar to stop freelancing, this coming from a guy who stole money for 2 years and was too dumb to learn any defense that wasn't a two gap and pursuit scheme.

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This is not why he tires me.

Have you noticed it is ALWAYS someone else's fault? ALWAYS.

NO MATTER what the issue.....he has an excuse.

THIS tires me.

Everyone has a thought on Lavar. Personally, he is a take it or leave it guy for me.

He just makes me tired.


Absolutely dead on-on Bingo!

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I doubt Lavar is leaving, we can all thank our "friends" in the media for

starting the rumor that Lavar was leaving. Why would he want to leave when the team is starting to win, especially if this team can make it to the playoffs.

The man who interviewed Lavar set this whole thing up, the writer must be a Philly fan or something, wanting to create a distraction for the team so they wont be focused on beating Philly.

I'm really getting tired of the certain moguls in the sports media always putting down our team, I mean what is the deal here. Even since Gibbs has been back there has been one putdown after another. Here lately some of the sports folks on ESPN, etc have given our REDSKINS some respect. The only way for our team and it's fans will silence the doubters, haters, and pro-Dallas,pro-Manning(both Indy and NY) crowd is to WIN. This weeks game is important, all of REDSKIN NATION knows this, wear your burgandy and gold, no matter where you are. SHOW THE SUPPORT, SHOW THE LOVE, show the world that REDSKIN fans are loyal to the last second, of the last play, of the last game. We will not give up on our team, our team hasn't given up on us. They have played hard-nosed REDSKIN football this season. Keep the fighting spirit alive REDSKIN faithful.:helmet: :eaglesuck

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You remember last year don't you, when Gibbs and the Redskins rushed Lavar on to the field knowing his injury wasn't fully healed, causing his knee to be injured even more.


Lavar rushed Lavar back onto the field when Gibbs,Williams and Tyer suggested that it might be best to sit out and rest.

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Lavar's fault. Elkin is the President of the Pro Football Writers of America organization. He's been covering the team for 25 years. If anything, his coverage has been more than fair. Lavar has consistently been a distraction to JG and GW. Without knowing all of the facts, I'm pinning this one on Lavar.

How about at least knowing the writer's name when you want to stick up for him and blame LaVar ...

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The timing of this article isn't good, although I've always said and agree with Lavar on how this organization handles their own players. I've always said that the Skins will bad mouth you to justify cutting or trading you. Lavar has had some maturing to do but I can't believe some of the LA bashers believe that Greg Williams didn't have his personal feelings involved in Lavars' benching earlier. Stevie Wonder could see Lavar making more plays by accident than Warrick Holdman could make on purpose. :eaglesuck

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the guy is a good player that used to be great and is on his way back there dont forget he made the pro bowl 3 out of his first 4 years here and is one of the most athletic people in the league if he is healthy the kind of injury is something you arent recovered from even after youve "recovered" he should be back at full strength with time off in the offseason and workouts rather than hard hitting football games if he wants to be a redskin for life and retire here then we'll be a better team for it and i dont understand why ANYONE would want the guy gone if he is willing to sacrifice money to stay here however he does need to be willing to sacrifice a decent amount of it if he wants to be a true redskin and help this team get better and re-prove he can be the healthy most dominant pro bowl worthy outside backer he was before he got hurt

moondog, if you were talking instead of typing I'd say, "BREATHE!!!" ;)

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He was just on Comcast and said those are his quotes but they are taking out of context. He wants to be a Redskins for life and even said he would rather retire in the article. He said the article was supposed to be a season in review and doesn't know why elkin wrote what he did. He was angry and said that he is tired of the media mis quoting him and trying to make him a story he said the timing is wrong and he is focused on Philly and that is it.

Now that I believe!

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Of course Lavar was misquoted, what the heck did you expect LA to say? it was an accurate report. Remeber the first time he ripped the team, the reporters then took everything out of context. It got out of control and now Lavar has to do damage control, but we all know Lavar would never cause a problem on his beloved Redskins. Must be Gregg Williams fault.

:eaglesuck :dallasuck :gaintsuck

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