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  1. The disinterest here in the starting QB is remarkable. No posts in ten hours and two in the last 20. So I would just like to type a few words into the cavernous silence to wish Mr. Allen success. And who knows, maybe next week he will knock over a convenience store and the thread will pick up a bit.
  2. Most likely. Even so, it was polite of him not to say it. "Why did I pick the Redskins? My God, have you looked at their tight ends? At LSU we had better guys than that on the practice squad!" Not a good look.
  3. Interesting NFL Draft stats. Just average speed in the 40, but excellent initial quickness and strength. He might do very well in short area or press coverage.
  4. It's possible to imagine two receivers less similar than Moss and Quinn, but it takes some effort.
  5. All is not lost. Maybe we can give somebody pick #66 to take Trent away.
  6. Nope, I was wrong. Bad source... http://www.nfl.com/network/draft Day 1: Round 1 Day 2: Round 2-3 Day 3: Round 4-7
  7. Come for the football, stay for the sanctimonious lectures on race relations....
  8. I think this kid has a chance to be a starter in the NFL.
  9. Terry McLauren (4.35) misses the list because oooonly jumped 37.5".
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