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  1. I like today's uniforms, the white jerseys and burgundy pants, the white jerseys and gold pants, the burgundy tops and pants and the 70th anniversary unis. Im not a big fan of white on white or burgundy tops and white pants.
  2. You can go here and see basically what the jersey will look like They make mention of the link or pic being on here and then disappearing.
  3. That is exactly my thoughts too. The current helmet (with a gray mask) was our first Super Bowl uni.
  4. Something simple like the tucked feather helmet from 1982 would be subtle and nice. I loved the retros, and I'd love an early-seventies yellow pants with burgundy jersey combination.
  5. I would like to see that too. I'd liked yesterday's look though, even if the pants were shiny. Black shoes are just throwback and I like 'em!
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    Show Yourselves II

    IAMBG and Gridironmike cheer on the Panthers versus the Cowboys at Ericcson earlier this year.....