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Terrell Owens doubtful for week 9

Eli The Future

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Here's the full article:


Receiver Terrell Owens has told the Eagles that his availability for two key NFC East games against the Redskins and Cowboys is in jeopardy because of a sprained ankle he sustained against the Broncos in Denver on Sunday, sources have told ESPN's Chris Mortensen.

Terrell Owens

Wide Receiver

Philadelphia Eagles



Rec Yds TD Avg Long YAC

47 763 6 16.2 91 337

Eagles spokesman Derek Boyko did not clarify Owens' status for this Sunday night's game against the Redskins but acknowledged that the veteran receiver likely would be listed on the injury report that will be submitted today to the league office.

Owens informed the Eagles on Monday that his ankle was hurting so badly that he doubts he can play against the Redskins and feels uncertain about his status for the Nov. 14 game against the Cowboys on ABC's Monday Night Football.

The Eagles were unsure about which play Owens hurt his ankle in Sunday's 49-21 loss to the Broncos.

Boyko confirmed it was on the same right leg he broke a year ago when he was tackled by Cowboys safety Roy Williams on Dec. 19, 2004. Owens missed the remainder of the regular season as the Eagles defeated the Cowboys 49-21 en route to Super Bowl XXXIX. Owens returned to play in that game, catching nine passes for 122 yards in the Eagles' 24-21 loss to the Patriots.

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Guest BleedinBurgundyandGold

definite smokescreen....this is just as big of a game for them as it is for us.....he'll be playing

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I think a sprained ankle and the memory of Sean Taylor will probably keep him out. I remember last year he gave up yards running out of bounds to get away from Taylor.

I also remember a play where Taylor hit him while he was out of bounds and knocked him into a cheerleader. Taylor didn't get flagged for the hit, and, when the cheerleader finally got up, she had canaries flying around her head.

As for TO not playing -- I'll believe it when I see it.

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I completely agree that he will play. I have seen TO play worse off than this and it wasnt quite as big a game. I do agree with another persons thoughts, that Westbrook being out, would be more helpful. But, truly I think the only way the Redskins are going to be tested emotionally, is if all the Eagles are healthy, and the Redskins beat them. Now that, I want to see... Go SKINS!!!

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This little tidbit was from the chat as well:

Aaron (Charlotte, NC): Is the T.O. situation similar to the John Abraham situation last year in the playoffs? Is he scared of injuring his ankle worse followed by the Eagles cutting him to avoid his huge bonus and he becomes a free agent with a bum ankle?

Chris Mortensen: (11:21 AM ET ) You said that. I didn't. (wink).

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The absence of Owens could force the Eagles to run the ball more with Westbrook, and considering the state and injury status of our defensive line currently, I am not sure that this is a good thing.

However, I expect T.O. to play this sunday.

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