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  1. A comment to all the parents out there paying hundreds of thousands in bribe money to get their kids into "elite" party schools... In any sense, it appears USC's reputation as the "University of Spoiled Children" is still firmly intact.
  2. Didn't Stephen King already write a book about this?
  3. PiLfan

    VA Governor Ralph Northam Got Some Explaining to Do

    Report: “Scientists are worried Governor Northam’s career is plunging at such velocity, the impact crater will trigger a mass extinction event; form a second moon.”
  4. Trump negotiating for the wall, actual footage:
  5. SOURCES: Ann Coutler warns if Trump doesn't keep his campaign promises, she will return to a life of stealing skin for Shel Silverstein.
  6. Looking for the "work along" payment option at my grocery store's self checkout kiosk like...
  7. Wilbur Ross: "I don't understand why everyone isn't just using their private planes?"
  8. Can someone just photoshop that kid wearing a pink ***** hat instead of a red maga hat so everyone can feel better and go about their business? Thanks in advance.
  9. PiLfan

    The Own3d Thread.(Keep it clean)

    Just in: Judge overseeing the divorce of Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos to decide who gets custody of Amazon's warehouse employees...
  10. Old Trump: "Mexico will pay for the wall!" New Trump: "Furloughed government workers will build the wall for food."
  11. PiLfan

    Redskins vs Titans Prediction Thread: Livin' On A Prayer

    With Reed, Davis and Doctson all likely out, Crowder and CT still banged up and/or barely productive, and an OL that is at scab depth chart levels, who is Josh going to throw to? Garden gnomes? Titans - 34 Scabs - 3
  12. PiLfan

    The Own3d Thread.(Keep it clean)

    BREAKING: Scientists announced that they have found the remains of what they believe to be the largest prehistoric predatory cargo plane ever discovered. Called the Lockheed C-5 Megaloton, it terrorized the skies about 20-25 million years ago during the early Miocene period, often devouring other, smaller planes.
  13. PiLfan

    The Own3d Thread.(Keep it clean)

    Getting some Christmas gifts for the kids. Hope they like poo...