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Holy New Avatars, Batman!


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Originally posted by Bazooka Tooth

I just noticed that as well. I wonder what other avatars will change?

I'd imagine all of them. What I've seen so far:

The Veteran - Jansen

Special Teams Ace - Thrash

The Starter - Portis

The Pro-Bowler - Washington

The Role-Player - Cooley

I'm sure by tomorrow they'll all be different.

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Originally posted by RabidFan

gotta check mine

Originally posted by RabidFan

Uh Oh.....i got mugabi

2000+ posts... you should be familiar with the EDIT button no?

Also, you should have noticed that, if you go back and read ANY of your old posts... your avatar changes as well. Just like your signature.

So these "I gotta check my post count, avatar, signatures, etc" posts are really unnecessary.

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