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  1. Gotta feel our future might be just a tad bit brighter after yesterday's showing. We got some talent in the pipeline, for sure.
  2. Completely agree. Rodgers is the man, I have full faith. Just sad we'll be wasting away another year of Stevie's talent, and Carra is probably retiring soon too. Would have liked for those two to win the Prem League title together.
  3. Tottenham can jump off, Clint wants to be a Red and we'll make it happen. Still 4 hours and 43 minutes left!
  4. Between following transfer deadline day and the Redskins making roster cuts to get to 53, I'm pretty much convinced I won't get anything productive done at work today .
  5. Yup, this one's final for 4 mil. Dempsey has to be a lock at this point, right? Hearing Walcott staying in Arsenal and Sturridge only other legit possibility for LFC (other than Clint).
  6. Just as long as you sell Walcott to Liverpool
  7. We can only hope, GHH. I'm really not ok with this free loan move.
  8. Berbatov to Fulham...hopefully that's all the leverage needed to free Dempsey. I hope Liverpool offers 9 mil and sees who blinks first.
  9. Can't believe that Liverpool - Man City game yesterday. Had them on the ropes and Skrtel gift-wraps a draw. Pretty solid effort by the Reds other than that though. GHH - what do you think the odds are of a Dempsey transfer going through before the window closes?
  10. This times 100. I do NOT want to see RVP be successful at Man Utd. "We're not racist, we just hate Blacks."
  11. I know I'm a couple days late, but just wanted to say I had an absolute blast at the Liverpool - Totenham game in Baltimore last weekend, despite the game itself being pretty dull. Seeing Liverpool fans from all up and down the east coast flock to that city...man, it was awesome. I was part of the epic block party and march down to the stadium in full song. Such a great environment. I really hope I can make it to Anfield sometime soon and experience the real thing. YNWA
  12. GHH, thanks for posting the roster. I'll be at the game in Baltimore against the Spurs, really looking forward to it. I hope they come to a quick resolution about Carroll. Loan him out somewhere for a year (Stoke or West Ham) and pay Fulham what they want for Dempsey.
  13. Ahhh Dempsey to LFC would make the Baltimore game in two weeks that much more epic. Really hope it happens!
  14. Broussard tweeted Deron Williams is working out at the Nets practice facility. I know this isn't any different from what he's done all off-season, but you'd have to think the Nets wouldn't want him there if they thought he was gonna sign with Dallas...
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