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Poll: Worst NFL Offseason Move


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Originally posted by DJCrash34

Gotta be acquiring Cleveland's entire D-line

Nooooo. Silly. Didn't you see how good they were last year in Cleveland? Their dominating defense? Sack machines. That's what they were. Sack machine.

ps. please don't look up any stats on this , OK?:D

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Originally posted by Sebowski

Was discussing this on another board, and thought I would bring it here.

There is another board? J/K.....What I can't understand is why Denver would bring in literally the whole Cleveland D-Line. They were bad and I just don't see how they would think it is an upgrade.:dallasuck :eaglesuck :gaintsuck

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I went with Jake Plummer. Whe you lose beacuse your QB keeps throwing INT's, your in trouble. The bread and butter of this offense is running the ball with illegal cut-blocks ;) The D is ok. If it weren't for those 2 aspects, Denver would'nt have made it in the playoffs. :2cents:


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I don't think Dane or Clarret were bad moves given the magic The Broncos system seems to work on RBs .

The CB thing is a little odd. You already have a top tier CB in Bailey back there and he made a little impact on the pass defence . With that in mind you could say they need more help there but on the flipside you could also say is it the schemes they use.

Jake the Snake big money extention is fair enough. He may ot be able to lead the team over the top but neither was trent Dilfer.

Jerry Rice is a good move if only as a mentor / clutch reciever . he isn't ready for the retirement home right now and could help Denver right now . BUT he would take up a roster slot from a young guy who may be able to help out over more than one year.

Sauerbraun would help the Broncos and has done everything he can to help the team out with his contract for a seventh round pick it would be a good deal . He will not be as accomodating come june the first when there is competition for him from other teams in the open market .

I would have to say though the dumest move is to pick up the entire Browns defensive line along with thir coach . I always worry about bringing a player in from an underachiveing group in case he has the bad habbits or work ethic which brought the others down . To bring in an entire group of underachivers and thier leader has to have alarm bells ringing but for some reason the Broncos don't want to listen.

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