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Biden administration announces next steps in overhauling Title IX campus sexual assault rules


The Education Department announced plans Tuesday to hold a public hearing on how schools ought to handle sexual misconduct cases as the first step in a planned overhaul of Title IX regulations.


In a letter released by the Education Department, the hearing is described as a chance for students, parents, school officials and advocates to weigh in before the Biden administration offers its proposal for how K-12 schools and colleges receiving public funding must respond to allegations of sexual assault and harassment. The department has not yet announced a timeline for the hearing but plans to share more details in the coming weeks. The hearing will occur over multiple days and include a virtual component, a department official said.


After the hearing, the department intends to begin a formal process known as "proposed rule-making" to rewrite the Title IX rules, which would include another round of public comments.

The department will also issue question-and-answer-style guidance in the coming weeks to advise schools how to adhere to the current Title IX rules.


During the presidential campaign, Joe Biden vowed to scrap the Trump administration's new regulation on campus sexual misconduct, which took effect in August under Title IX, a gender equity law. Former Education Secretary Betsy DeVos had said she had designed the new rules to offer a clearer, fairer process to adjudicate sexual assault complaints; victims' rights advocates criticized the regulation for narrowing the definition of sexual harassment and limiting the incidents schools could investigate.


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I really do wonder how much of this is people liking for for his obvious character traits that make him awesome, or because in comparison to what seemed like a decade he's basically President Jesus. 


I like Joe more than I wanted to, but i can separate that from how much better he is than the **** show of a relationship we just got out of. I'm just curious if others feel that way. (it doesn't really matter, just a passing thought) 

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Assume this is a major salvo being fired towards red states planning on banning abortions in their states.  


If so, it seems like one heck of a rules change.  Can Doctors send prescriptions into a state where, I assume, they're not licensed to practice, and where said procedure is outlawed?  And will they only be allowed to do this, for abortions?  Or are other medical procedures allowed, too?  

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