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Suggestions for New Team Name, New Logos etc. Go Here- (by member request)

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4 hours ago, Malapropismic Depository said:

Another ramification to consider is how awkward the Cheerleaders' name will sound, or not...with the new team name.


The First Ladies of Football can remain and it's a GREAT name for the cheerleaders. 

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Cliff notes for casual followers. As of right now here’s what’s likely but not officially announced:


1. New name: Washington Warriors

2. Team Colors: Classic burgundy and gold. They may have a camouflage uniform variant.

3. Iconography: Definitely not native American. Likely a strong military tie in.

4. Website name: ExtremeSkins likely to be changed to ExtremeWarriors or something similar.

5. Redskinettes: To be renamed and possibly wear form fitting military outfits and combat boots.

5. Ownership situation: Likely stuck with Snyder as majority owner for the foreseeable future. 40% minority stake still up for grabs but Bezos interest is uncertain.



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1 hour ago, redskindan07 said:

It was just mentioned on CNBC that Amazon is removing all Redskin items from their site. It won't be long now before Dan caves and the name changes


Or he does something stupid, like create his own online marketplace called Danazon, that sells exclusively Redskins gear.

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dunno what went wrong earlier with closing this thread (by member request and to some staff relief) but see my a post a few posts back



make sure you don't spaz and ignore the msgs everywhere not to go into another thread and post this stuff :) 

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