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  1. I remember how Joe Morris used to frustrate and tear up the Washington defense...
  2. Green Bay really missed out on this opportunity
  3. Line him up against Chase and Sweat in practice everyday and he will learn fast.
  4. thanks for doing that. I voted
  5. So are Raptors and the Saber Tooth Tiger the Predators use and Dire Wolves were huge, bad-MFer wolves. I don’t care about the GRR Martin connection and I watched the show and read the books. But, I’m sure that’d be an appeal to some. Also, Dire Wolf is a great song.
  6. Haven’t seen just “Wolves” on any of the surveys. That’s too bad. I’ve started to lean that way more than Redwolves.
  7. Ugh. Gonna have Steve Perry’s profile on the helmet
  8. I would definitely be down with Washington Wharf Rats. I’d buy the hat, the shirt, the jersey, and the sticker. Best name yet.
  9. The thing about “Wolves” is that the Redwolves camp still likes it and the Anti-Redwolves camp doesn’t seem to mind it. Also, the Warriors people get their alliteration. As long as the logo wasn’t a corny wolf but something cool, it would be popular amongst most people. The folklore of Native Americans returning as wolves after they pass also adds a very cool element of the old name passing on and returning as a wolf.
  10. It’s surprising to me that some people want to revert back to Redskins. The team looks like it’s turning a corner for the first time in over 25 years and that name had just become a distraction and a headache, even if it gave some positive nostalgic emotion to you, it needed to go and it’s over. I’ve been watching since Jack Pardee was coach, so I get ALL the arguments and polls and intents that have been reiterated at nauseam. I’d take WFT or “No Names” over that (at best) antiquated term at this point. My choices: 1. Washington Warthogs 2. DC Commanders 3. DC Direw
  11. In Fitzpatrick’s bouncing around career, has he ever had an opportunity on a team with talent on either side of the ball?Not saying Washington is loaded, but the defense is a LB away from being elite and the offense really just lacks (outside of QB) a #2WR, #2TE, and maybe a LT (along with O-Line depth) from being at least solid. Saying if he wasn’t asked to be Fitzmagic all the time, maybe he wouldn’t be Fitztragic some of the time. He’s a smart dude, that’s now seen a lot of football. Like the post above, I also was thinking about how Joey T did it for us later in his career. But, he was set
  12. never cared for Warriors. Just kinda boring. I’ve liked Americans, Redwolves (Wolves or DC Direwolves), and Commanders as my favorites. But, the more I think about it, Warthogs seems like the best choice. It fits us.
  13. Well at least we have a QB with some personality now. Could make an argument with RGIII, but it’s really been since Joey T.
  14. Arggggh. It’s like: “Irregardless, for all intensive purposes, I could care less. Same difference.”
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