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Miami Herald: I’m done trying to understand Trump supporters. Why don’t they try to understand me?

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That's interesting, considering I've heard that a lot of the Mafia types don't like Giuliani because of what he did to them, and that the beneficiary of Giuliani's convictions was Trump and his businesses in NY not having to deal with a lot of Mafiosos.  You'd think they'd be against Trump moreso than Biden.  But maybe Newsmax paid him for his "opinion."

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Trump wanted staffer 'executed' for leaking he rushed to bunker during protest: ex-aide


"The View's" Alyssa Farah Griffin on Thursday briefly mentioned some of the rage that Donald Trump has shown behind closed doors — and how it endangers the United States.

The co-hosts were blasting Republicans for being willing to call Trump a lunatic, but still being willing to vote for him.


Joy Behar brought up former Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) and the bombshell revelations in her recently released book, "Oath and Honor." Cheney has made it clear that she believes Trump cannot be allowed to be president again because he's a danger to the country. But, The View hosts said, Republican partisans who agree are unwilling to vote for a Democrat.


"One thing she said, it's not just him, it's his enablers," said Behar. "The problem arises because they refuse to impeach him, and Liz Cheney said if it was an anonymous vote they probably would have impeached him, but they're scared to lose their job, and in some cases, there's political violence.


"You can't trust that the Republican Party would go against him if he gets the nomination. Case in point, your friend, Chris Sununu, New Hampshire governor. He suggested he'd vote for Trump if he was the nominee. Why? Because he said, I'm a Republican. Party before country, see? And he said, this is a guy who called Trump bleeping crazy and suggested he should be in a mental institution. That's the Republican Party right now."


But it was Griffin who pulled the political fire alarm, describing the dangers a second Trump administration presents.


She explained that Trump "has an enemies list, which includes the media."


"He came after MSNBC, he will truly go after the media in a second term," Griffin continued. "And we can't take him lightly, because I can tell you right now — before I resigned, I was in an Oval Office meeting with a dozen other staffers. And somebody had, he thought, leaked a story about him going to the bunker during the George Floyd protests, and he said that the person who did that should be executed.


"He's used that terminology with Gen. [Mark] Milley. I cannot set off enough alarm bells about how dangerous he is and that he must be stopped at all costs."


Click on the link for the full article

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A neuroscientist explains how Donald Trump exploits the minds of conspiracy theorists


According to recent 2024 presidential polls, Donald Trump is leading Joe Biden, meaning the former president could indeed become the president of the United States once again.


If that thought terrifies you, you are not alone. So, the question is, what can we do to stop the nation from racing toward an authoritarian regime ruled by a pathological narcissist? If we can understand the psychological factors underlying Trump’s enduring appeal, then we may be able to see a way to exploit that scientific knowledge.


Doing so is more than an academic exercise — the future of our nation may depend on it.


While the left often focuses on Trump’s right wing stances and xenophobic rhetoric, one of the main reasons he remains popular is that he is perceived to be the anti-establishment candidate. This phenomenon is a facet of a broader populist wave that has been gaining momentum worldwide — one that is not exclusive to any single nation or political ideology. In the United States, both Trump and left-wing figures such as Sen. Bernie Sanders have tapped into a deep-seated frustration with what is perceived as a self-serving system composed of powerful corporations and politicians.


It is within this backdrop of disillusionment that fertile ground for conspiracy theories and authoritarian fantasies has emerged. The knowledge of corruption breeds speculation, giving rise to movements such as QAnon as manifestations of this anti-establishment sentiment.


The question then arises: What draws individuals toward this nexus of anti-establishment fervor and conspiratorial thinking? This article seeks to unravel this enigma through the lens of cognitive neuroscience. We will explore how our brains process the complexities of corruption and conspiracy, and why, in a time of uncertainty, the allure of political fiction and imagined enemies becomes increasingly potent.


The Bayesian Brain Hypothesis, the current leading neuroscientific theory of how the brain works, provides a compelling framework for this exploration, especially in the context of political discourse and the proliferation of conspiracy theories.


Click on the link for the full article

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Still not as funny as the (supposed) rumor that the House GOP are blurring the faces of J6 rioters, because they're protecting the identities of the undercover Feds who incited those innocent peaceful patriots, and the Speaker is in on the conspiracy. 

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Fear, Terror, Paranoia and Chinese Spy Balloons: Understanding the Mindset of the Far-Right


Ever wonder why a large number of messages coming from Republicans these days seems to be paranoid, accusatory screeds?


The fact is that these people are angry and resentful at best or deeply embedded in the clutches of fear. Truth and facts do not operate well in these emotional levels. To illustrate this point, have you ever tried to communicate an obvious fact—like the sun is up—to an angry person? It just won’t land. No point of agreement on a fact can be found with angry, resentful, fearful, terrified people. They don’t see you, a fact, the walls, you name it and feel compelled to bat back any data you offer.


Thus it should come as no surprise that so much obvious manipulation of facts come from this district. This is really where the attempts to manipulate education à la Ron DeSantis originate. Author Steven Beschloss ably makes this point on his Substack blog:



But the truly weak and terrified among us—thankfully a tiny percentage—live in fear and terror of anyone who might appear stronger, more successful, more educated, more anything than they are. So, their mission becomes tearing those people, institutions, causes or organizations down—at all cost.


The fear and terror of these tiny minds know no bounds. They also seek for the most part to operate from hidden positions and snipe covertly. You see evidence of this in the rampant presence of Black Propaganda campaigns in operation today. But some of the crazies—a useful umbrella term—seem to have become more comfortable operating in plain view. They feel they have found enough agreement to their conspiracy theories, delusions of FBI agents hiding in their trash and the safety of their position to say their quiet parts out loud. Add to this the media outlets—FOX, OAN, Newsmax, Breitbart—that cater to their insanity for their own purposes.


Into this churning mass of disturbed and dysfunctional thought processes flies a purported Chinese “spy balloon.” The paranoia squad is on fire with speculation and trigger-happy ideas of how to “deal” with it if the “gubment” won’t. Images and stupid video clips of “a girl with a rifle” going up in a helicopter are the norm today. Also running wild are the random crazy speculations being “shared” as legitimate information like a House member from Kentucky wondering if the balloon “took off from Wuhan” to distribute more Covid-19.


Click on the link for the full article 


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