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US Soccer thread.

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Bradley will not be subbed, period. Yet, it has never been more apparent he is a weak link.


Save for missing passes when we played him as a 10, for me it was GLARING when he turned it over at the end of the Portugal match instead of playing it up into the stands.  Led to a draw.


Ultimately didn't hurt us, but I realized how dumb he was aside from his technical limitations.

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No.  That's a call that makes you question all the conspiracy talk about international football.  I don't care what the experts say.  I don't care that they changed the rule a week ago.  It's a call to even the game...that's all.  

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yeah...I saw that. I like Wood on the left. I would pull Dempsey and put brick feet up top


Look at you playing for the counter.  You motor boating son of a **** you

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