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ES Coverage & Interactive Game Day Thread: Redskins at Falcons


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Good Morning and welcome to the Georgia Dome. I am SFIT, along with Zoony and we are here to bring the action to you. We are set up, and ready to go. Be sure to follow me Twitter @SkinsFanInTN2 for additional coverage: https://twitter.com/SkinsFanInTN2

This is my first time covering a Redskins game, so I am going to bring you a fan's point of view. If there is anything you would like to know, or see, just let me know.


Here is the link to the game pictures: 




This morning started with breakfast at the team hotel with Zoony. We were the first ones there, but quickly were followed by Doc, and Larry. Later on, Sonny came in, but refused to sit with Larry and Doc. Clearly there are more fractions in this organization that just the head coach ;) I am kidding..



12:00pm Just back up from the field from pre game warmups, where RG3 was warming up, and putting a good smile on his face, but you know this has to be KILLING him. My opinion while running 100 yd wind sprints is that RG3 looks lost, like he doesn't know what to do. I am sure this is the first time ever that he is healthy and not playing in a game. 


12:19pm For those fans who are missing Chris Cooley, there is a #47 sighting, but sorry to report it's "only" Jawan Jamison sporting the #47. Interesting to see Redskins Nation's take on the revered #47 being worn.


12:48pm Happy to report the spread in the press box was SOLID and healthy...lol Baked chicken, green beans, and new REDSKIN potatoes.






ATLANTA – The Washington Redskins have announced the following inactives and lineup changes for today’s game against the Atlanta Falcons:

For the Washington Redskins:

- No. 10 QB Robert Griffin III
- No. 24 S Bacarri Rambo
- No. 25 CB Chase Minnifield
- No. 51 LB Brandon Jenkins
- No. 54 LB Darryl Tapp
- No. 67 G Josh LeRibeus
- No. 86 TE Jordan Reed

No. 92 Chris Baker is expected to start in place of No. 64 Kedric Golston at right defensive end





First Quarter


1:00pm Falcons win the toss and will receive. What do you know, ST can make tackles


1:05pm 3rd and 6 and the falcons convert against Amerson


1:06pm I am tired of typing the time. Big time 3rd and 10 conversion to Roddy White


Falcons convert their 3rd, 3rd down of this first series.


Well folks, same stuff different day. Steven Jackson trucking Josh Wilson in the End Zone. 7-0 Falcons. Time to see what we all came here to see, Kirk Cousins, and the Offense.


Well so far its ground game, 3rd down, lets see what Kirk can do.


Bingo!! Nice pass to 88 for 9 yards for a first down.


Falcons bring the house, and force an a sack/fumble


Just a thought, but someone better cover #88 for the Falcons, I hear he's pretty good. 14-0 Falcons


I guess the topic is does this team lay down? Or stand up and fight? 


Cousins with a first down to #13 Nick Williams for those of you without a roster sheet. Cousins with back to back first downs. 


Big RUNNNN of 37 yards for #46


FREDDDDDDDD DAVISSSSSSSSSS TD!!!! Am I dreaming????? 14-7 Falcons with :48 secs left in the 1st Quarter


Falcons get the kick off, after one running play, its the end of the 1st Quarter. Redskins down 14-7.


Second Quarter


More of the same, another first down for Matt Ryan. 


Personal note: I am glad I don't have seats behind the Falcons drum line...Geez I have a headache from up here.


Another 3rd down, WOAHHHHHHHHH D steps up....


Doesn't matter ANOTHER ST DEBACLE!!!!!!


Say what you want about this D, but at times they show up. Goal line stand and with 10:39 left in the First Half, Skins are down 17-7 to the Falcons.


Receiver didn't have to wait on that 62 yr BOMB, but 71 Trent Williams is shook up on the play. He is walking off under his own power. Tom Compton 68 is in for him.


Back after some wifi troubles. Let me recap we have two 3-10 teams, FUMBLE, then ATL fumbles, then Moss fumbles it back. I am not sure in my 38 years I have seen fumbles like this. Zoony, check the balls for grease...


Skins D comes up with another big stop, and punt to Santana who gets a 4 yard return. Big question and little replays here to see if Matt Ryan's forward pass was behind the LOS. 


Skins with the ball...First down pass to 89. In Falcons territory at the 48. Trent Williams back in the game for the good guys. 


BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE!!!!!!! COUSINS TO GARCON 53YD TD!!!! Skins are down 17-14. 


Falcons will start at their own 20. First play, first down, but bring it back due to Offensive PI. 1st and 20 Falcons. 


Remember if the Skins D can stand tough here, they get the ball first in the 2nd Half


3rd and 21, lets see if the Skins D can stand up. #39 David Amerson with the stop!!!! Lets see if ST can make a positive play. Hey we didn't fumble, THAT IS A POSITIVE PLAY!!!!! FIRST DOWN REDSKINS!!!


Yep we can still run the ball, #46 Alfred Morris with 8 yards on first down...This must be the feed Alfred drive as they get another 8 yards and the Skins are near midfield. Minus 5 for false start on Kory.


Cousins with a big gain to #88, Darrel Young hurt after the play, and walking off under his own power.


On first down, run to the right side, holding on #83, back them up 10. First and 20, Cousins hitting the check down  for 10 yards. We are told here in the press box, that #36 Darrel Young is questionable to return with a hamstring injury.


Big run for Alfred Morris, gain of 15, as the skins come back from 1st and 20.


Trent Williams down again, but back up. Cousins looked like he could have run for yards and gotten out of bounds. But instead, throws against his body, and throws high.


Almost a GREAT play by Logan Paulsen. But he was out of bounds. 3rd and 10...Cousins pass was off #88's hands, and almost intercepted 3 times by the Falcons.


Forbath his from 33 yards, and we are all tied with :49 left in the first half.


After a holding on a great return, holding puts the Falcons at their own 10. Matt Ryan with a great completion to Jose Gumbs, INT!!!!! Redskins ball at the Falcons 38 yd line!!


Cousins with a completion to #89, 2nd and short. First down completion and a great grab by #15 Josh Morgan. :07 secs left and looks like the Skins will have one shot and the End Zone before a FG attempt. Skins run a draw to #29 Roy Helu Jr, with a gain of 5. Looks like about a 37 yd attempt. FG is GOOD. With that 13 point 2nd Quarter, the Skins take a 20-17 lead into the locker room.


First Half Recap

After the Redskins go down 14-0 in the first half, the Redskins go on a 20-3 run. The highlights:

- Cousins to Garcon 53 yd TD

- Cousins to FRED DAVIS 23 yd TD

- Redskins D forcing 2 turnovers


The Lowlights:

- 4 first half fumbles including 2 by Santana Moss. 

- Another dissemble ST play and discussed above.


The Redskins did not punt in the first half. (They were too busy fumbling it).


Second Half


Well here we go with the 2nd half. Kickoff..Redskins to receive the kick off. Another Mat Bryant touchback, and the Redskins Start 1st and 10 from their own 20.


Redskins go 3 and out on their first series. Lets see if the Skins D can keep up the great work today. Clearly I jinxed the team with the no punts in the first half. ST's again give up a good return of 25 yards. Falcons take over first and 10 from their own 42.


After a 7 yd gain on first down, Falcons get called for a 15 yrd face mask, but they recover and get a first down. #59 London Fletcher is called for Defense PI. 1st down from the Redskins 27. Nice pop by 23 D Hall, and is promptly booed here in ATL. Safe to say they remember DeAngelo. They really should cover #88, Tony Gonzalez. #92 Chris Baker is down on 1 knee. Gets up and walks off under his on power. First and Goal Falcons from the Redskns 8.



Falcons are going for it on 4th down, 4th and 1...DEFENSE STOPS!!!!!! WHATS GOING ON HERE????




Fans are pumped up in here as its the loudest all game, the Falcons D responds with an INT. Ball was thrown wayyyyy behind Aldrick. First and Goal Falcons from their own 2. TD Steven Jackson. 24-20 Falcons. That was the Redskins 5thhhhhhh turnover of the game. 


Redskins go 3 and out again, their 2nd of the 2nd half. Looks like the Falcons made some 2nd half adjustments. Question is have we?


A ST sighting as the returner makes our ST look amazing. Falcons ball 1 and 10 on their own 23. 


Falcons trying to string another drive together. Although a 15 yrd penalty on the Falcon pushes them back to their own 27. Matt Ryan with a nice pump fake gets #30 EJ Biggers to bite, but the Falcons will have to punt, Santana Moss back deep to receive, and calls for a fair catch.


Redskins with the ball, another 3rd down, lets see if they can pick up a 3rd down in the 2nd half. Nope a 4 yard complete to #82 Logan Paulsen. Ok ok ok, I really regret now mentioning that the Redskins didn't punt in the first half. 3rd straight 3 and out for the Skins in the half. 


Skins pick up 15 yds after and penalty on ATL for blocking out of bounds. Falcons ball, first down on their own 17. 1:35 left in the 3rd quarter.


Falcons with 2 straight dump offs, and another boo for D Hall. 3rd and 3..BOOOOMMMM SACK!!!! Sacked by Orakins...ok I am trying to be funny and it's now working. Skins force Falcons to punt after sack by Orakpo and Jenkins. That will end the 3rd Quarter with the Falcons leading 24-20.



Fourth Quarter


Falcons punt to start the 4th quarter, with a Santana Moss fair catch. Skins ball first and 10 from their own 28. 
Skins with another 3rd down, and a conversion to Santana Moss, a 16 yrd play. Redskins are in ATL Territory for the first time in the 2nd half. With 2 running plays the Redskins have another 3rd down, 10 to go. Another pass to #88 for a 14 yard gain. First down and 10 from the Falcons 28. A WR Screen to #88 Garcon, for 11 yds and a Redskins First Down!!!!
First and 10 from the Falcons 14, Morris with the carry and a gain of 4 yards. Fumble AGAIN, holding on Steiger, but doesn't matter. The Redskins SIXTH turnover of the day. Falcons ball 1st and 10 from their own 22.
Falcons with a first down. Falcons ball first down on their own 38. Falcons face a 3rd and 9 here. Redskins force a punt with a Zero Blitz. Santana back to receive. 51 yard punt. Redskins ball first and 10 from their own 18. Can Kirk lead them back in the 4th Quarter???????
On first down, Cousins with the INT, and the Redskins SEVENTH turnover of the game. Falcons takeover with 5:38 left in the game, up 4, with the ball on the Redskins 39. 
Nice play by Rak with a tackle on the elusive Jacques Rogers. 3rd down and 7 for the Falcons. They run a shovel pass but it comes up short. 4th down and the Falcons are going to try a 51 yd attempt, and its good. Extends the lead to 27-20 Falcons. Another stop by this Redskins D...
Cousins gets another try at a 4th quarter comeback, but this time, down 7.  Falcons trying to pump up their fans with another RISE UP.  Last 2 times that has resulted in a Cousins INT. Not this time, he hits #88 Garcon for 6 yards. BIG 3rd down conversion to #11 Alderick Robinson. First down 10 from their own 40. Another 3rd down, this time with 6 yards to go. 2 minute warning.
3rd and 6, Cousin picks it up with a completion to Robinson. Redskins are moving the ball, first down at the Falcons 21, and the Redskins take their first timeout. First and 10 with :39 secs left.
Cousins beats the blitz, and completed to #82 and gains 11 and gets out of bounds. First and Goal from the 10. :28 secs left.
Big delay of game, moves the skins back 5 yards, and its first and goal from the 15. Cousins to #11 Robinson for 12 yards, 2nd and goal from the 3 with :22 secs left and the Skins have 1 timeout left.
2nd and goal from the 3...TOUCHDOWNNNNNN TO MOSS!!!!!!
I like the call though. Why not??? Skins here will for the the onside kick with :18 secs left.  Timeout ATL.
Skins blow a chance at the onsides...and will fall to 3-11. More to come...
Just got back from Shanny and Kirk's presser. Somber mood to say the least. Like Chris Cooley said at the elevator, at least it was a good game. The final statistics are in, and they are lopsided towards the Redskins in most if not all areas. 
Kirk Cousins throws for 381 yards, 3 TD's but unfortunately has 3 turnovers, 2 INT's and a fumble. To me it looked like he stood tall in the pocket and at times delivered the ball deep. It was nice to see him deliver a deep ball and stretch the field. Of course, you have to ask, what what would RG3 have done against this horrible Falcons defense? 
Bottom line, the Redskins were 1 two point conversion and one recovered onside kick away from erasing SEVEN turnovers. The Redskins dominated the total yards 476 to 243, almost doubling the Falcons output. Other areas that stand out, the Redskins SEVEN turnovers, Alfred Morris averaged 5.4 yards a rush again, the Redskins committed SEVEN turnovers, Piere Garcon had 7 rec, for 129 yards and a TD, and last but not least, the Redskins had SEVEN turnovers. See the theme there? In my opinion, if the Redskins don't turn the ball over (I am not sure how many times but I think it was more than 6), they are going away a 4-10 team. 
Bottom line, offensive line play much better today, good enough for the team to win. The defense, while not shutting the Falcons down, had quite a few big stops on 3rd down. They too played good enough to win. Alfred Morris had his first butt/hip fumble, and added another. The offenses inability to hold onto the ball cost the team this win.  But after being down 14, the Redskins didn't fold. They stepped up and made a game out of it. But they are what they are, a 4-10 football team. They broke our hearts once again, but they didn't give up, and that I am thankful for.
I will post a little bit more, but we have a plane, errr, car to catch to drive home. I will post more when i get home.
Zoony's Take
Well, zero sacks. Lombardi's_Kid_Brother, Christmas came early.

Besides the lack of sacks, the other thing that really jumped out to me today was our offense stretching the field. Those plays just haven't been there this season.

Is there a full blown QB controversy? I think you could make the argument either way. For all of Kirk's great throws, he had two really bad ones. He also was not able to get it done in the end. Still, at just his 2nd start, I thought he had a very impressive game. 381 Yards and 3 TDs is outstanding against any NFL Defense.

As for sights and sounds from the sidelines today, I thought the Redskins bench looked eager for a win. I didn't see anyone mailing it in out there. Lots of high fives and words of encouragement from coaches and players. If the coaching staff has lost this team, they have a funny way of showing it.

At the end of the day I think we saw how important QB play is in this league. Whether you thought Kirk's overall performance was good or not, the teams' first half performance with strong QB play was undeniable. A rising tide lifts all boats, as they say- and our defense and special teams came out and played much better football today.

It will be interesting to see Kirk's development over the next 2 games.

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It dawned on me when we entered the press box that I've never seen an NFL game in a dome before.  Kind of cool, actually.  Build one Dan!


What's not to like- climate control, great sound system, perfect lighting...  I told SFIT that this was a much better setup to watch a game from the press box.  No windows, it's open to general seating.  So really it's just like having club level seats.  Much better from the insulated, sterile, boring environment that the press box usually is


Anywho, we were told they were filming the Hunger Games at the hotel last night.  Jennifer Lawrence would not stop knocking on my hotel door.  I finally had to call security

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I hear she passed on TK :)

I didn't have 5 bucks cash on me.

Yep, I've upgrade to Zubas and the free shirt from the rally last night. :) Thanks for the tip Zoony.



SFIT was going to wear a wife beater and jorts today.  I made him go up and change.  This is the big city, after all

You get him in shoes as well? 

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One day, when I'm no longer poor white trash, I'd love to sit in a box and watch a game.  You guys are very lucky to experience that, I am jealous.


Hope you enjoy it!  I'm going to be rooting for the BnG from my couch, regardless of the drama, regardless of who starts where.


Lets bust up some birds!!!!



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ATLANTA – The Washington Redskins have announced the following inactives and lineup changes for today’s game against the Atlanta Falcons:

For the Washington Redskins:

- No. 10 QB Robert Griffin III

- No. 24 S Bacarri Rambo

- No. 25 CB Chase Minnifield

- No. 51 LB Brandon Jenkins

- No. 54 LB Darryl Tapp

- No. 67 G Josh LeRibeus

- No. 86 TE Jordan Reed

No. 92 Chris Baker is expected to start in place of No. 64 Kedric Golston at right defensive end.

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So Mike Nolan came over to chat on the Redskins sideline, Snyder walked over and they exchanged an enthusiastic handshake followed by several laughs. Very congenial visit

I wonder if the conversation went like

Snyder: "so I called the ice cream delivery truck..."

[group laugh]

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