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ES Coverage & Interactive Game Day Thread: Redskins at Falcons


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Sending my wishes to the team for a solid victory today.

The Skins really need a win today, at least to slow the barrage of negativity spewing forth from all types of pundits.

Winning several of the next three games is not meaningless. It will help to prevent avoid any type of fatalistic "losing" mindset taking hold in the younger Skins players as they develop into their NFL careers. In the past, (2011 and 2012) even when the Skins looked down and out, they kept fighting, and never gave up.

I hope that during these next three games, this team manages to retains its fighting never-say-die character, and not buckle to the onslaught of media negativism.

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Redskins fans aren't Chicago Cubs fans. I particularly like the thread in which some savant suggested we should have traded for Nick Foles.


Using my super powers of hindsight, I am able to criticize the world around me with 20/20 precision.

Play on, beloved Washington. Please win so all the lemmings will STFU for 24 hours...

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I had a fantastic morning.  A good morning run.  A great family breakfast with relatives who are in town.  A PHENOMINAL showing from my LFC Reds...


And how can anything go wrong from here?  Well... the Redskins are next on the list :lol:


Let's sack up and get this win MEN! 

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