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  1. SkinsFanInTennessee

    Redskins at Titans

    Ok, roll call...Who’s going????
  2. SkinsFanInTennessee

    Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

    People are just freaking out too much about Thursday Nights game. Would I have loved a nice long TD drive from the first team O? Well sure. Did the O line look MUCH better? Sure did.. 1st team D (minus Haynesworth), looked great with the exception of Fletcher letting (I think it was Rice) get that long catch and run. As a whole for a first pre-season game it wasnt that bad. Especially when you figure there were several plays that could have been reviewed and taken points off the board. Smiths TD pass right before the half on 3rd down,(looked like he bobbled it), and another 3rd down pass play where the guy was clearly out of bounds.. Just a few of my random thoughts
  3. I thought I read somewhere that they are breaking out the jerseys and helmets for one home game this year. but that its super secret as to which one game it will be. Maybe you should check out the thread for 75th anny uniforms. Might be in there.
  4. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! Those eagles jerseys are uglyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!! Then again, just about like the regular eagles