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Should the House of Representatives expand?


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The pessimistic side of me says, "please god no!" Just what we need is another few dozen blood suckers.

The analytical side of me says, "it makes perfect sense."

I wonder if there's any way we could do a little constitutional revising and have the House become a more parliamentary-style House to open things up for third parties and independent candidates. Not sure how it would work or if it would work, though.

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Been proposing proportional representation for decades.

And, far as I'm aware, it could be implemented at the state level.

There's nothing in the constitution that says Congresscritters must be elected from gerrymandered, winner take all, districts.

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Didn't I start a thread like this 2 years ago?  Yes, yes, yes!  Compensation will have to be re-jigered.  Maybe double it. 

Of course if it doesn't fix the two-party-rule system (they seem to like it when the other party can block, what if 3rd/4th parties block and force compromise?) might as well just go back to having 435. 

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