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***2019-2020 NBA Season Thread***

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How are the Raptors taking Middleton out of his game while sending three at Giannis?  He should be thriving but he’s instead disappointing again.  He’s been bad late in every game this series except game 4.  He’s out Lowrying, Kyle Lowry.

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NBA needs a new review system. Free time out for no reason

19 minutes ago, CRobi21 said:

Kawhi posters Giannis....




Giannis got him back with that block. 

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This is a terrible strategy. You have to foul immediately

Should've fouled with 28 seconds left. 

3 minutes ago, Warhead36 said:

Bucks gagged away the 4th quarter.


They did and in retrospect, it was a bit crazy to make them the favorite. Giannis is awesome but not a complete player yet. Teams don't make these kinda jumps when the superstar has never been there. 

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Just now, Mr. Sinister said:

Im totally ready for foreigners to come in and take the jobs  chip, but it aint gonna happen.


I've had enough of them. Go watch hockey with the other goofy white people.


Hope GS completes the sweep in TOR, Drake leaves in the 3rd qtr. 

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Too bad RymanofTheNorth (I think that was his name) and the don cherry dude got banned long ago. Bet there would be a ton of canuckery going on... At least before the realization sets in that you have been basically honored as a human sacrifice.

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Toronto is going to get annihilated unless Siakam blooms into a star against the warriors.  If their bench continues to play well, Lowry can be their third option on offense, and both Siakam and Kawhi play very well... AND Kevin Durant misses most of the series... I think the Raptors can win two games out of the first five.  


Those are a lot of ifs.  I think they lose in 4.  Five if they have a crazy good shooting night.  


Personally though, I’d love to see them win one.  They’ve paid their dues.  


I would also also like to see the warriors win one without KD me Steph to finally get a finals mvp.  If KD plays though i find the Warriors very difficult to root for.  Their style of basketball declines in terms of entertainment value, and KD has made himself throughly unlikeable.

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