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A line in the sand... Which side do YOU fall on, in regards to the qb/draft debate?


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I'm drawing the line, to settle this debate once and for all. Which side will you stand on?

Are you on the "suck for (insert name here) qb of the future?

Or are you all for drafting the fat boys and THAT will solve the problems that plague this team?

There has been quite a bit of debate on the subject here lately, along with alot of arguing and name calling these last few weeks regarding what the team should do in the draft, whether they should "tank" and how "meaningless" wins will "set the franchise back 5 years"

Personally I think that a top 3 qb is not necessary, it would be nice but the world wouldn't end if it wasn't the case. Look at Phillip Rivers and the Chargers... having a top tier qb doesn't automatically mean you will have a good team and win 10+ games every year for the next decade as the thinking here seems to go.

I'm on the draft fat boys side of the line, and drafting them early and often. I subscribe to the inside out theory, build your team from the inside out (start with lines, lb's, etc.)

Contrary to the popular thinking around here, I think a team with elite o-line, good running game, and a decent qb can and will still win in this day and age (having a good defense goes without saying)

So what's your vote?

*poll inbound

*eta ugh... guess you have to post a poll while making the op instead of adding it later. poll fail on my part.

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You can do both. The Skins will not be in the Top 5 but they will still find a top QB in round 1. You draft OL and other positions in the later rounds. Also, free agency- a normal offseason will dictate the draft also.

You need a franchise QB, so I vote there. There's no reason why we can't do both.

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Team History: Three SuperBowl wins with three different QBs.

One Qb that played on an elite level for 2 1/2 seasons, which got us to two SB appearances

One Qb that got hot at the end of the season and remained that way through the post season

One Qb that had one elite season and then fell off the cliff.

Now imagine if Joe had an Elway or a Marino that played consistently above average to elite over a 10-12 year span instead of hoping to ride a hot flash? How many Lombardi's would be in the case out at Redskins Park?

When you get a shot at someone you consider above average to elite, you take it. The fact that we've taken that shot once in 20 years(twice if you want to count Campbell) is absolutely disgusting.

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Normally I would agree with you but this team is not normal. If we had decent quarterback play and we drafted a quarterback to develop in later rounds then that would be ok. The problem is that the quarterback play is so bad that we need someone who can play now and if that is your situation then drafting a quarterback early gives you a much better shot of that happening. I was in your camp until recently. However, I have seen the difference in this team when we had really bad quarterback play when Beck was in there and a much better looking team overall when Rex came back and the quarterback play improved. The problem with Rex is that not only does he not have consistent games, he doesnt have consistent quarters. I think a good quarterback will elevate this team substantially.

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Both. We could do far worse than Rex, but we need a QB that can play like Good Rex consistently. I don't think we have to pick in the top 10 just to find a QB the Shanahans think can be championship caliber.

We also have decent pass protection but we need more talent for the offensive line, especially in regards to run blocking.

I think we'll find that we've got some playmakers at the RB and WR positions, and a good defense. There will always be some spots here and there we could stand to improve at, but if we come out of the draft with a starting QB, a starting RT, and one starter OG or C, combined with the youth already on the roster, we could compete for the division. Just my opinion.

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I don't necessarily like the choices as we could NOT "suck for (insert QB here)" and still get our guy depending how the scouting, Bowl games, Combine, etc. turns out. This is such a fluid situation and still 5 months away. There'll be guys shuffling up/down team boards between now and the draft and there will be surprise prospects.

I trust our Coaching staff and FO to draft whomever at whatever round that they deem a players value to be.

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Personally I think that a top 3 qb is not necessary, it would be nice but the world wouldn't end if it wasn't the case.

Ding Ding Ding. I cruise this site occasionally and don't understand all the fuss about a top draft pick. There are no guarantees that Barkley, Griffen or even Luck is going to be the next elite QB. Is it likely, sure, but not written in stone. Without doing any research I would be willing to bet that plenty of Hall of Fame or elite QB's were selected after the top 5 or so picks.

My philosophy: Enjoy the games and let the people that are paid for it worry about who to draft. I have faith that Allen and the Shanahans will make the right call.

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Honestly, I don't really think you understand the two arguments because you have drawn a "line in the sand" but it doesn't make sense.

The two sides on the "tank the season" issue are:

A) Hope we lose out and get a high draft pick to use on a QB

B) Don't tank, root for the team to win each week and worry about draft position later.

This really has nothing to do with "fat boys." I am not sure why you are claiming you are either for tanking and getting a QB or you believe solid lines will fix our problems.

I don't think anyone who is in group A doesn't want elite linemen. Getting a high draft pick and picking a QB of the future is not mutually exclusive with us drafting linemen this year and in the future. I think most folks in group A would be happy to use many picks on the lines.

Personally, I am absolutely for tanking the rest of the season and getting a top 3 QB. We can talk about this forever, but the evidence is pretty strong - good teams have good QBs. Good QB tend to be drafted early in the 1st round (yes there are exceptions). If we are going to suck this year (which we clearly do), I want to use the opportunity to get a QB that we can build around.

So, I am for tanking and draft an elite QB AND I am also for drafting linemen.

I don't really get why you can't believe in both.

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I dont know where i lie. Watching the game last sunday I said to a friend i wanted them to lose for luck, but seeing bad plays i couldnt hide the frustation. When the fourth quarter started the excitement of winning came over me. It was seattle but a win is a win. I think let the chips fall where they may. If hankerson and jarvis didnt get hurt our last draft would have been the best i have ever seen as active fan.

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I'm drawing a line too (no bad reflection on the OP). And part of that line has resulted in a few MIA's. There is more than enough conversation on this crap, I mean topic. This is a matter Park City Skins also recently commented on, and you don't even want to know what TK might do if we unlock the cage.

Here's a post I made that I pulled back, but am going to stick it in here for whatever time this closed thread remains on the front page. I can guarantee you I am not the only moderator of similar view, I was just being particularly hardass here and originally decided to just forget it.

Well, if this Redskin team finishes at a "feel good" 6-10....it will more in likely ruin our chances at Barkley AND Griffin III (and that will feel like a punch in the stomach for Redskin fans who are waiting SOOOOO patiently for a new age Sonny Jurgensen). People seem to be enjoying that win over Seattle.....you mean that win against a mediocre team we almost gave away, and with that reject 30 year old we started behind center? Really?? REALLY???

"Yes"--to you and every braindead poster (re: holding this view) you represent--"yes." And **** the green highlighted "thought". Christ. This form of stupidity is close to unforgivable fan-wise. People need to start going elsewhere voluntarily with this mindless " lose-to-win position." If anyone still doesn't get why I might apply the "mindless" designation, and still feels they can "explain it" in an acceptable fashion, just save it.

The "position" is understood, and the aspects that are acceptable have been acknowledged by virtually everyone. But without going over the ****ing obvious in painful detail yet again, the part of wanting a top pick (assuming such a pick even turns out to be the savior) that leads to posters actively hoping for a loss, or being upset with a win, or being upset with people (including the entire ****ing team and organization) who wanted to win, or any other lame-ass way you try to put lipstick on any of those pigs, is pathetic. It isn't "ok" to make an ongoing parade of such unworthiness on a site called extremeskins that's all about a shared fierce EXTREME desire to see a Redskins victory in every game no matter what. :)

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It's not a matter of unlocking the cage. It's more of how much stupidity can I stand here before logging back off.

This whole tank for draft position is stupid. The idiots here should have figured it out when we cut Choice after the Dallas game. We signed the guy for Dallas's playbook. You don't do that if you're trying tank it. You do that because you're wanting to win. You do not/can not/will not find a group of coaches, &/or roster of players that will willing throw game after game just to hey a QB next year. Why? Because football is competive you idiot. :) Those that coach & play are highly competitive. You won't find a coaching staff tanking away because they'll lose the locker room & you will not have Free Agents wanting to come in to play for you.

We have ALL of our picks this year. Plus two more from the JC & McNabb trades. If we need to move up, we can. However, Luck, RG3, & Barkley have NOT declared for the Draft AND they can all still stay in college.

There is entirely to much time & to much football still to be played. Case in point, last week RG3 got knocked of the game. Thing is, anything can still happen.

You guys pay attention to all the wrong things. Shanny has said that for Free Agency he's going to be stepping on necks getting guys he wants in here. That should be more interesting first as FA comes before the Draft. What we do in FA will dictate what we do in the Draft. Who knows, with VY being a FA at the end of the year we could end up bringing him in & go a different direction in the Draft.

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