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  1. Hey all, unfortunately missed the game tonight. I could read the box score but we all know that can lie sometimes. What do I need to know about tonight's game and how we won? I'm especially interested in Singleton/Booker/Seraphin. Any of them have good games, bad games, etc.? Thanks in advance fellow Wizardsbros.
  2. I feel like winning tonight depends on Martin being able to take some of the scoring pressure off Wall and Okafor. Since his shot's not there, I don't feel too confident right now.
  3. Wall's jumper looking good, already two turnovers though. If he cuts down on those though this could be a nice upset.
  4. Agree about Singleton, I'd like to have seen Webster with this unit right now. Really like Trevor Booker, if he put it all together he could be freakish.
  5. Credit to Martin, looks like he's getting his shot back and give us a puncher's chance tonight. Also I know ES isn't so fond of him, but I love Wittman as a coach from an emotional standpoint. Love seeing him get worked up and how he calls things as he sees them.
  6. I hope Seraphin, Booker and Singleton play the rest of the way. Would be really nice if at least one of them could develop into something, ideally a good starter.
  7. I missed the game last night. I missed the Wizards, without Okafor and Beal, come back from almost 20 points against the Lakers on the road with players like Bryant, Nash, Howard, Pau. It feels like I missed witnessing Haley's comet passing Earth.
  8. Don't know how you lose to the Bobcats a couple hours away and then win against the Suns after traveling just about the length of the country. Good win though.
  9. If we actually lose the season series to the Bobcats I won't be satisfied unless I see the Wizards and the front office personally doing construction on the highway or curing sick puppies or something. They'll probably just be big dumb jerks and lose though.
  10. How has Grunfeld not locked himself and Webster in a room with a wheelbarrow full of money and not let him out until he signs to stay with us?
  11. Wow, we might break the season high for scoring. 90 points with still considerable time in the third.
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