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Poll: Do you feel sorry for the Rams?


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Not unless we're trading them either of our coordinators pregame.

Even if this was the case, I suppose they'd still have a quality starter at QB, which is more than we can say.

The only thing I can feel sorry for them about is those ugly ass jerseys. Even then, not much pity. Not after watching that Dallas game.

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No, because I've seen this type of thread 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000x after we lose a game like this and then we lose the next game too.

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Soooo, should we duct tape #20's mouth today, or wait to see if he puts his foot in it?

Why duct tape Atogwe's mouth?

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One of two things will happen:

1. We'll come out flat and the Rams will jump on us early, getting a big early lead(10-14 points). We'll claw back and make a game out of it, and the game will be a toss up the rest of the way.

2. We come in motivated and kick their ass, beating them so badly that they fire their loser coach who is apparently on the hot seat.

I'd love to see #2 but #1 is much more likely based on recent history. The Rams really are a bad bad bad football team but I don't think we're that much more talented than they are to the point where we'll just dismantle them like their first three opponents did.

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If the Skins don't come out pissed and absolutely demolish the Rams, then I have little hope for them this season. This imo is a must win game since we haven't been able to beat them in the recent matchups. Therefore, no I don't feel sorry for them. I don't feel sorry for any team really.

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hell no. after last night I hope we respond by beating down whoever we play this weekend

That's sort of my position.

I figure I can spend the next week wallowing in crushing depression over the ruination of our perfect season.

Or I can spend it living in a (admittedly self-created) world where 60 minutes with a punching bag and two weeks rest for our injured players is just what this team needs.

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