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Players with new #'s


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Just so on Sunday nobody gets confused when you see someone run out and you have no clue who they are.:ols:

LB Markus White is now No. 55 (previously 57)

NT Chris Neild is No. 95 (previously 66)

RB Tim Hightower is number 25 (previously 39)

RB Roy Helu will wear 29 (previously 26)

Now if some really cool Es'er would gladly give us photo shopped pics of these players with new jerseys...;)

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Yeah' date=' and I bet you don't hope to see Willie Smith out there wearing it on Sunday as well ![/quote']

Lol. Smart ass.

I'll have you know in the OP to that thread I suggested that with good coaching and a big dose of luck, God willing his athletic ability will see him as a future starting tackle for us. So there. :pfft:


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I kinda liked Hightower with 39....now he is going to look like Royster with long hair :)

Agreed, I thought Hightower looked damn good in that 39 jersey. In my opinion, higher numbers fit more physical running backs and I thought the number suited him well. It will almost be weird seeing him in 25 now.

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