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The Redskins O-Line nickname possibilities for This Year......The Lumberjacks: Give me some alternatives.


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We've had the "Hogs" and a short run of the "dirtbags" but given our scheme we need a new name for our front-line in the trenches man-beasts.

These slobberknocking gentleman deserve a righteous moniker.

Given the vicious way that the backside cuts on the stretch play. My preferred name would be the "Lumberjacks " but I'm open to something else. I watched both games again and repeatedly thought TIMBER as the opposing D-player was chopped down leaving open lanes for our running backs.


Chop them trees Lumberjacks

Rememeber Jimmy Cliff "The bigger they come the harder they fall"


Can I change my name and get a sig

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Yeah, I hate forcing nicknames onto players and units. Let it be.

This franchise has a storied history filled with great nicknames, and that's why threads like this constantly pop up. But its ironic, because that same history, and those same nicknames and the stories behind them, should really be seen as examples of how nicknames SHOULD come about: from the team, and from earning them.

Instead, they inspire all kinds of embarrassing and unearned nicknames that never take off.

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