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Should the Redskins sign my dog?


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My dog was just released. I took him off the leash and everything.

He's super fast, I saw him catch rabbit once.

Yeah.. yeah... I know the rabbit only had one eye and it's back left leg was broken. But my dog totally crushed it and had it down in seconds.

I totally think the Redskins should sign my dog.

He can jump over **** twice his height..... and he is TALL.

He has the softest paws around too..

I know he's my dog and all.. but I'm totally not biased and i've been watching football on TV for like 10 years.. If the Redskins sign my dog, they won't regret it.


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Ok, this thread is slightly less weird than I thought when I clicked on it (I thought you were getting signatures on your dog....anway). We need more specifics. What's your dog's 40 time? His vertical leap? He needs to either A) be tall or B) be a great run blocker.

Also, does he have fleas? Because if so it might be better to get him on the Cowboys' squad.

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no, Marko Mitchell is better and Mix is taller.

Yeah but my dog spends more time on the field then Kelly and is a full breed, not a Mix. He swims and plays Marko/Polo, so I gotta go with my Dog. Plus he would play all day and never complain, loves the tread mill, running, walking and is loyal beyond any other.

BTw, this thread will hunt.

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