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I have a question...


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You need a MACK who is similar to the MLB in certain implementations of the 4-3 (like the one we've run since 2004) and a BUCK who is similar to a WLB in certain implementations of the 4-3 (like the one we've pretty much run since 2004).

Right names wrong roles.

Mack is the WILB 'protected' ILB.

Buck is the banger SILB 'unprotected' ILB.

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I would have to disagree.

"Mack" inside position, which in the 3-4 defense equates somewhat to the weakside position in a 4-3.


Through the first week and a half of training camp, Bishop has been working primarily at the 'Buck' linebacker spot, the strong side position on the inside, as the backup to A.J. Hawk.


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On Blades, I think he is one of our more underrated players. He has almost always made good when giving a chance. He may not have the flash or athleticism of some, but he really is solid. And unlike Landry, he really does play out of position. He's a middle linebacker and we've seem almost exclusively on the outside.

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SuperSkin, not meaning to give you a hard time, but the tittle of the thread is all wrong. It needs to be more descriptive. Like "we need more MLB'ers."

Then, you need to pick a more original topic. In order to do that, you need to do a search.

It also helps to at least check the first and second page of the Forum.

That being said, I agree with your thread . I also agree that Blades is underrated. My main concern is that this group of linebackers seems very hastily patched together. They could really surprise us though.

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If we're gonna line up in the 3-4, don't we need two MLB's? ... but don't we need another MLB?

We are deep at linebacker, we have the players to fill the position.

Linebackers (15): 12 holdovers, Andre Carter, Brian Orakpo, Chris Wilson, Rob Jackson (also listed as a defensive end), Lorenzo Alexander (also listed as a defensive end), Jeremy Jarmon, Curtis Gatewood, London Fletcher, Alvin Bowen, H. B. Blades, Rocky McIntosh, Robert Henson; 1 draft pick, Perry Riley; 2 unrestricted free agent, Darrel Young, Chris Draft

- Rich Tandler

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