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  1. You get 15 yr old, 106 and park, NIKKI MINAJ FAN from the name BALLERS??? Haha okay then.
  2. 100x worse? Really? Sure you guys aren't exaggerating a little bit there? What in the **** is so unbelievably bad about "ballers" that its so much worse than wizards?
  3. Hmm just thought of something. If Abe really wanted to change the name, back when we were the bullets.... Why didn't he just make the easy transition to the "ballers" That would have been smart.
  4. Man I really wish ES was available on the tapatalk app for iPhone...
  5. Things may not always be great, even horrible at times...but damn do I love the Washington Redskins.
  6. Yeah I got it. Thanks a lot dude I would have never thought to check there...never heard of that channel before haha.
  7. Ok I got the channel but on the guide there's no game listed as showing at 7:30. Guess i'll just have to wait and see...thanks.
  8. Yeah i'm wondering the same thing! The caps are on csn.I'm gonna be pissed if i cant see this **** tonight.
  9. Thank god for the nba lottery... never thought i'd utter those words as a wizards fan.
  10. As much as i like that photo-shopped pic, i don't think thats how they're gonna turn out...the color of our "gold" is lighter..if you look at the stripes on the pants and helmets and whatnot.
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