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  1. Dallass can lick my ***! .....Again!
  2. Bump for today's game, I'm in Raleigh and looking for a streaming site. No sports bars or Sunday Ticket for me. So far all I have is: http://www.firstrowsports.eu/sport/american-football.html More options would be appreciated in case that one is not working.
  3. **** the star, and **** the ****ing horse they rode in on!
  4. Cool if he is on your side! [ATTACH]43927[/ATTACH]
  5. Seriously?...............that's funny!
  6. Here is the worst part, they have YouTube blocked here at work, so I can't see any imbedded videos. later at home I see the videos of Taylor doing his best to put guys on life support, and the ensuing sadness that ultimately follows, my stupid *** is making jokes (bad ones too). It's ok though I already have a season ticket for hell. :evilg: and as luck would have it most of the people I know do too!
  7. I guess were lucky that its not like nascar or it might be Papa-John's-Ball or Viagraball
  8. Should it really be called "Football" anymore, ever since the forward pass became popular, it's more like: Airball Oblong-pigskinball Brownlacedball Kill-the-guy-with-theball (I like that one) I dunno just a random thoughts.
  9. You know what, because it's Frrrriiiiddddaaaaayyyy, **** the Cowturds!
  10. What about back in the day the pukes buying the rights to "Hail to the Redskins"? and using it to get approved by George Marshall. The only reason those idiots are a football franchise team is because of that. I sure do loath those pukes!
  11. I've never understood, you can go anywhere in the country and find cowpuke fans. Most of them don't even know where Texas is. Are they the default football team? I know they are the biggest bandwagon team I have ever seen, people come out of the woodwork if they are doing well. Of course its a biased opinion ,but to me its the biggest rivalry EVER. :dallasuck
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