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What to do in Richmond?


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I am planning an anniversary getway in November. My wife suggested Richmond as it is somewhere we haven't been in our previous 14 years of anniversary getaways.

We have never spent much time in Richmond. Is there anything interesting to see (sightseeing wise) or any good restaurants anyone would recommend?

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

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Depends – do you like historical tourism? How interested in colonial era, civil war, and slavery history are you? There is a ton of fascinating stuff to see if that history is of interest to you.

1) There is a great new Civil War museum near Belle Island on the James that is absolutely amazing. A very well put together museum. Highly recommend. It is called The American Civil War Center.


2) The historical slave trail has been completed which allows visitors to walk from Manchester Docks all the way to Lumpkins Jail or “The Devils Half Acre” (right downtown) – where it is estimated 300,000 slaves were sold. It is the same walk the slaves were forced to do. They are still working on the site, but there is a ton of interesting stuff to learn there – very moving. You can get a guided tour.


3) St. John's Church – the location of “Give me Liberty of Give me Death!” by Patrick Henry


4) The Capital designed by Thomas Jefferson and the Governor’s Mansion (both very nice).

5) Some amazing plantations to visit right outside of Richmond a few miles on the James River.

5) Carrytown - cool shops and unique stores.

6) The Edgar Alan Poe Museum, I have not been but heard good things.

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Thanks Duckus.

As for the other suggestions, it will be November, I won't need AC, I can just open the window and...

Again, Richmond was selected because we've been many other places over the years and want to try somewhere different. Middleburg is too close, we'd prefer to get further away.

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Ok I live in Shockoe Slip and it's freaking awesome. I don't know how you could not be impressed with it. Most of the buildings were built in the 1800s and the whole area is just cool. Maybe you mean Shockoe Bottom, which is kinda trashy. If you're looking to stay downtown stay at the Omni, it's at the corner of Cary Street and 12th or 11th. The Jefferson Hotel is very nice but its not within walking distance of really anything enjoyable. If you stay at the Omni there's a great restaurant right across the street called the Tobacco Company, it's a high end steakhouse type of place. A block over is a place called La Grata, really nice italian restaurant. If you're looking for something less fancy there's a great irish pub called Sine about 2 blocks down Cary St and they have live bands on the weekends. If you want to go to a club and go dancing there's several within walking distance also (Europa, Cha Cha's, Lucky Buhhda's). Besides the night life the canal walk begins just a few blocks away from the Omni where you can walk down the canal and overlook the James River. There's a pedestrian bridge that cross the James and takes you to Belle Isle where you can hang out on the rocks. There's also several enjoyable walking trails. A short drive from the Omni is Carytown which has a lot of locally owned boutique shops if that's your thing. Most of the shops close at 6:00pm though so be sure to get there before then. If you have any questions about anything feel free to PM me.

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Keep pushing the gas pedal till your through it.

Spent several nights there couple of years ago. "Shockoe Slip" didn't impress me. The Civil War museum hasn't been updated since Appomattox. Generally a depressing town.

Since you live a couple of thousand miles away you sound like an expert on the area. Doesn't Hawaii have the highest states taxes in the U.S.? Weren't you guys bowing to a queen 50 years or so ago?
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Keep pushing the gas pedal till your through it.

Spent several nights there couple of years ago. "Shockoe Slip" didn't impress me. The Civil War museum hasn't been updated since Appomattox. Generally a depressing town.

The Civil War Museum, which I just linked was built and opened in the last 2 years. Where did you go?

It is housed in the historic 1861 Tredegar Gun Foundry. Which is amazing on its own.


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Richmond's not that bad. Goodness.

The City of Henricus is fun, particularly if you have been to, or have an interest in Jamestown.


The Civil War stuff has been mentioned. If you enjoy that, go to Petersburg, as you can see the Crater, and then take a driving tour of Lee's Retreat to Appomattox. Aside from that, don't spend a lot of time in Petersburg :)



One of the oldest African-American Congregations exists at 6th Mount Zion Baptist, when John Jasper preached for a number of years. Martin Luther King spoke there several times:


If you're not into history, Kings Dominion is all right. Maymont Park is terrific, lots of animals, some history, and beautiful gardens (not sure about November timeframe, but well worth a visit).


Carytown is a great place to find a restaurant. One of our favorites is not technically in Carytown, but very close. Strawberry Street Cafe is terrific:


Bogarts is a lot of fun, particularly if you're a fan of Humphrey:


Anyway, enjoy!

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