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  1. had to finally revisit this site this week to say.......**** DALLASS!
  2. toubabage jefferson bourbon more cheese!!! elephants only talk occasionally epic dew
  3. mountain packing furthur hiking tent best time of my life i want to be there already!
  4. i cant seem to say this enough....**** dallass
  5. nematode biscuits mountain cheese beats jam
  6. sunflower seeds green special blend lotus bikes where is the weekend?! how is my phone not in a million pieces?? i HATE studying for exams.
  7. warm weather is awesome. higgins. buddhism. dega. stomp.stomp. theres a hole in my wall.
  8. thats the blonde chick right? i can def understand how that would boost their ratings.
  9. so who was that sexy chick on nfl today on cbs this morning before the games started? damnnn lol
  10. sometimes. they can be pretty crazy. did a 10mi bike ride yesterday, 10mi today and pro doing a 20 tmw.
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