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#99QBKiller has the best Memorial Day EVER (You have to read to believe!!!)


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Well, first I called in to work and told them I was sick. They actually believed me even though I'm a man!

First, I had my girlfriend drive me around while I stuck my feet out the window. Then we stopped at Subway and I ordered a 6-inch sub. Then I sat around on Twitter for a few hours but my computer froze up so I said "In this economy, what can you expect?"

Finally, once it started working again, I downloaded some mock 2010 March Madness brackets. Then we went to a buffet that had a stack of bacon and I actually turned it down because my cholesterol is up. Then I decided that the internet has run out of ammo....man what a great day.

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That's awesome 99! Sounds like a weekend full of win ;)

I had a great Memorial Day as well. I was actually so inspired by all the Veterans I saw around the Mall that I decided I wanted to join up. I couldn't choose between the Marines and the Navy because I know they're both awesome. I chose the Navy in the end though because everyone knows that Navy > Marines.

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