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  1. I like that you're into classical, most people think I'm too stupid to like classical music hahaha D oyou like any Liszt?.... check this monster out, watch the entire thing.......and do yourself a favor and follow that link in the video and download the whole performance, all of the transcendental etudes are insane, and watching someone play the whole ordeal is mind blowing and exhausting just to watch. best **** I think i've ever listened to in my life. I have a FLAC copy of audio, a perfect rip and the sheet music if you want it. hahah nerd alert SfN7xf6JymQ
  2. I'll see your Nocturne No. 2 and raise you one Yundi Li fantasie impromptu tvm2ZsRv3C8
  3. I seriously hope they are ****ing crying over there in ****land. **** those guys. **** the cowboys. **** that star. I hope to everything that this keeps up for them. How ****ing beautiful would it be if they ended up 4-12. **** **** dallas. ****. Cry your eyes out *******s. John wall's pissed. **** him too.
  4. **** any and everyone that wears the the mark of the cowboy. Really, **** them. I wish all these idiots in Virginia would just go forth and never return. Really, you love Dallas so much... it's there. Go. And **** You. **** the cowboys. **** john wall. **** keyshawn johnson. **** 90% of newport news.
  5. I wouldn't call this preseason meaningless. This preseason is going to mean a whole lot, I personally think. I'm so excited.
  6. **** you dallas fans and **** the dallas cowboys. **** YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. hahaha for real. Give us some good juju for tomorrow's weather, it looks like we're gonna need it.
  8. let us hope so. I really don't feel like getting rained on tomorrow =[
  9. America's team my left foot... sometimes people forget that there's a team based out of Washington D.C.
  10. haha a top tanker! please, please, please do that.
  11. the gaylord texan is the official hotel of the cowboys, lol.
  12. I'm totally with you there. I'd never let a chick that I have absolutely no emotional attachment or obligation to tell me what we're gonna be doing.... especially on our first date.
  13. Rightfully so my friend, I'd ditch that in a heartbeat. What kind of a first date is shopping anyways... the fact that she won't let you plan your first date is a clear sign of things to come... heed the warnings and get out while you still can!!
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