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Obama is tired of your mother****ing ****


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I've been meaning to check it out Bang. When is it on?

It's a podcast, so it's on whenever you want it to be.

www.bangcartoon.com.. left side of the page.

just click the "listen now" button, or you can download it to any player you want. We do a show once a week and post it up.. and now is a good time for you to catch up on everything you've missed, because after the football season we chill for a while.


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You guys are sure late on this---I wondered why no one had mentioned it. On local talk radio they had a host take all his (the host's) conservative statements and then feed the edited Obama-read comments back as though it were an interview---very funny. :)

There were also said to be a number of radio stations in the south (just passing it on as it was reported) who followed the lead of one guy who ran it as a "busted! secret tapes found" dealio and they went right ahead without checking the matter. :)

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